QOTW 4-5-13

Happy Friday!

Did you week go swimmingly? Has spring sprung in your area yet? It kind of did here, but it’s doing that “April showers bring May flowers” thing lately. I need sun and warmth!

What kind of purse do you carry? Do you just have one or two, or many for all seasons?

I have probably 10-12 or so purses I currently use. Lately I have been into cross-body style bags just because it’s easier to carry them. I have this issue recently of purse straps slipping off my shoulder constantly. I don’t know what it is!

I have quite a few designer bags from Coach, Dooney and Michael Kors, but I actually usually use ones from Target! I can’t do the heavy leather with hardware as much anymore as it kills my neck and shoulders. Awhile ago I was going to physical therapy for neck and right shoulder issues. My therapist picked up my ridiculously heavy leather Michael Kors bag I had been using (it was a large tote I carried everything into work in) and she was like “And you wonder why you are having problems”. Ha!

Have a great one!


Written by Kelly
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