Pixi Eye Glow Cube

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Lucent Lid Light is a new product this spring at at Target near you!

This ADORABLE little cube includes sixteen shimmery metallic eye shadows, two eye base powders and two applicators in the bottom drawer. The one sticking point for me with the palette design is that the applicators get in the way of the drawer sliding out smoothly sometimes. Otherwise I think it’s pretty cute and efficient.

This is one palette you might not want to miss because the shades and pigmentation are pretty damn awesome!

Pixi Eye Glow Cube-2

Pixi Eye Glow Cube-3

Pixi Eye Glow Cube-4

Pixi Eye Glow Cube-5
Eye shades

Pixi Eye Glow Cube-6
Eye base powders and applicators

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Swatches
Top row

First is a cool, dark purple/brown.

Second is a dark, warm chocolate brown.

Third is a medium warm bronze/brown.

Fourth is a deep red/purple.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Swatches-2
Second row

First is a deep copper.

Second is a warm taupe brown.

Third is a light warm pink/nude.

Fourth is a bright lavender.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Swatches-3
Third row

First is a pale golden/yellow with slight duochrome.

Second is a medium gold/pink.

Third is a light warm peach.

Fourth is a deep cool, taupe.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Swatches-4
Fourth row

First is a bright lemon yellow.

Second is a pale mauve/pink.

Third is a light warm pink/gold.

Fourth is a deep cool brown.

Pixi Eye Glow Cube Swatches5
Eye Base Powders

The first eye base is a matte peach color.

The second is a shimmery peachy/champagne color.

The Eye Base Powders are something I haven’t really ever seen before. I’m not sure I would ever use them but I did notice that when you use the first one, the shadow color doesn’t really change. When you use the second one under some of the shadows, the color slightly changes. Interesting!

Overall: If you love shimmery metallic shades, this is an excellent palette. The color are all incredibly soft and saturated. Super pretty and wide variety of shades. Nice and portable also, which I like!

Availability: Target, Pixi.

Pricing: $28.00 (shadows are 0.025 oz and eye bases are 0.109 oz).

So whaddya think about the Pixi Eye Glow Cube?


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Written by Kelly
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