Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure Collage

Happy Tuesday!

Today I’ve got a fun nail art tutorial for ya which I call a Neon 80’s Paint Splatter Manicure.

I had been wanting to get out of my comfort zone of dot manicures and thought the next easiest nail art challenge might be a paint splatter one. Seemed easy enough!

I got the idea for the colors of this one from The Carrie Diaries on the CW (this is a show about Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City when she was a teen in the 80’s). On one of the first episodes she has this black purse and she accidentally spilled nail polish on it. Instead of trying to fix it, she decided to splatter different nail polish shades all over it and it became this super fashionable bag. It’s like too bitchin!

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure

In the spirit of the 80’s I went with a black base (Wet n Wild Ink Well) then three bright nail shades (Illamasqua Noble, OCC Wasabi and Orly Fancy Fuchsia).

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-2

To make things less messy I used a small paper plate to dab my nail polish shades onto. Then you need straws for the paint splatter! These are just generic ones from Target. I cute them in half to make them easier to control.

Just as an FYI you might want to make sure the paper plate is on paper towels or newspaper for extra protection. I also took off my rings and moved anything else possibly in the way of the splatter because this can get messy!

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure Base Shade

I started off by painting my nails with two coats of Wet n Wild Ink Well and let it dry about 10-15 minutes for the next step.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-6

Next up I taped off all around my nails and cuticle area with regular Scotch tape. This helps a lot with the clean-up afterwards. I maybe get a little crazy with tape…

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-3

Next up you want to put a good sized blob of your first shade on the plate.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-4

Then you stick your straw directly into the first paint blob.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-5

Make sure it’s completely coated because that is what makes it really work. Then all you do once it’s coated is point it at your nail and blow hard (through the clean end, obviously). I try and work super fast, dipping the straw then blowing hard and quickly. Half the time nothing comes out, but the other half it works. It can be tricky but the good thing is you can’t really mess it up because it’s supposed to be irregular, like normal paint splatters are.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-7

This is what it looks like after using the blue. Some parts are thicker and more like round blobs, some areas are faint and more like fine lines of splatter.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-8

I did all four nails with the blue, then went to my next shade, which is the green.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-9

Same process applies as with the blue, just blow hard and splatter away!

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-10

As you can see, it gets messy and the paint will splatter all over.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure-11

After the pink this is the result.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure Before Clean-Up

Here we are after I removed the tape but I haven’t yet cleaned up around my cuticles. See how little mess there is? The tape helps a ton!

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure Before Top Coat

Cleaned up cuticles, no top coat yet. I suggest waiting just a few minutes before using a top coat because some of the thicker blobs might streak if they are still wet.

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure Final

Now here is the final result with a top coat. Looks cool huh? This is just my second time doing it and I like how it came out. The first time I did it it kind of bothered me that it wasn’t all even. But then I realized it’s not supposed to look even, this looks more realistic, like real splatters (which it is).

Neon 80's Paint Splatter Manicure Final-2

I think it’s very 80’s and like, totally rad.

Have you tried this method yet?


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