NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish

The NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish collection is new and was inspired by his summer 2013 shoe collection. Yep, he’s a shoe designer! I had no idea who he was until I saw the press release. Oops.

What is super cute about this collection is that the nail polishes come in a mini “shoe box” and as a pair. Inside are two complementary shades and also a dust bag (which his shoes also come with). Cute idea!

There are six pairs in all to choose from.

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish-2

This is how they look inside with the dust bag snug in the middle.

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish-3

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish-5
Sharks, Ethno Run, Vertebra

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish-4
Venomous, Easy Walking, Sharplines

NARS Sharks

Sharks features a pale yellow creme and a lavender creme. This is my favorite set of them all. I LOVE this pale yellow shade, it’s light and cool. It is a wee bit on the streaky side but three thin coats works well. The lavender is pretty as well and just two coats.

NARS Ethno Run
Ethno Run

Ethno Run features a deep navy blue creme and bright orange creme. The navy blue is pretty great, it’s really rich and you only need two coats. The orange is also nice, if not a wee bit streaky with two coats.

NARS Vertebra

Vertebra features a bright pink/coral creme and a brown/rose creme. Both of these were just two coats. I like the coral shade!

NARS Venemous

Venomous (exclusive to NARS boutiques and their website) features a jet black creme and an intense silver metallic. The black is black, what can I say? It’s rich and you only need two coats. The silver is like molten metal. Really cool, but prone to brush strokes, so work slowly. It nearly looks like Minx nails. I used two coats, but you could actually do one, it covers that well.

NARS Easy Walking
Easy Walking

Easy Walking features a camel creme and a rose gold/copper metallic. The camel shade is kind of an oddball shade, which normally I like. This was a bit too orange and warm for me personally. It covers nicely in two coats. The rose gold metallic is awesome. This one too is like molten metal. It’s rose gold but also copper. It is prone to brush strokes like the silver one but I love it. This was two coats, but you could use one.

NARS Sharplines

Sharplines features a deep burgundy creme and a medium peach creme. The burgundy is really dark and covers nicely in two coats. The peach is a really pretty shade, just a little streaky. I used two thin coats here.

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish Collection

Overall: Well if you are into Pierre Hardy shoes you might want some of these just for that! I know people will wish they could mix and match because it seems each of these pairs features one pretty cool shade and then one not that interesting. Sadly you can’t mix and match. I don’t think hardcore nail polish collectors will be bowled over by anything here as many of these shades have been done before.

Availability: May 1st at NARS.

Pricing: $29.00 for a pair.

What do you think, will you be picking up any of these?


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Written by Kelly
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