Five Ways to a Fast Manicure

Today I’ve got five ways for you to do a fairly fast manicure.

We all have those times when we really want (or need) our nail polish to dry SUPERFAST, right? For instance when you are just finishing a 5-hour Friday Night Lights marathon and it’s 1:00 am, but you just can’t go nekkid.

Or when you have an important day the next day but you just spent 7 hours straight pinning things on Pinterest and are exhausted from working so much.

Or even maybe when you JUST painted your nails but suddenly you have to pee worse than you ever have in your life and you need those nails DRY, darnit!

There are ways around this luckily!

Metallic Polish

OCC Nail Lacquer in Ripley-2

Metallic shades often dry rather quickly. More quickly than say a creme or shimmer usually. Some you can even get away using one thick coat with, like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Ripley. One coat and a fast-dry top coat (which I am never, ever without) will make fast work of your mani.

Matte Polish

ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly

Matte polishes also dry very quickly, and many of them are just one or two coats, like ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly. Technically you could even ‘de-matte’ them by using a quick dry top coat over them.

Quick Dry Polish

Milani Jiffy Orange

Duh. Hence the name these types of polishes are meant to dry really quickly. Even if you have to do two coats, like I did with Milani Jiffy Orange, it still dries quicker than the average shade will.

Thick Opaque Polish

Color Club Muse-ical

Sometimes in a rare instance you will come across a fabulous thick shade that covers completely in one coat. Keep these in mind when you need a fast mani! Color Club Muse-ical does the trick rather nicely.

Textured Polish

Milani Yellow Mark-2

The latest rage as we all know by now are textured polishes. These also tend to dry really quickly, even with two coats. Milani Yellow Mark is a perfect example of one.

Do you frequently find yourself with no time to spare when painting your nails?


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Written by Kelly
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