Cult Nails In The Garden

Cult Nails In the Garden is a new spring collection featuring five new shades in various finishes.

In the Garden is really a perfect set of shades for spring. It’s very reminiscent of what is actually in MY garden blooming right this second!

There are three wax finish shades here, which dry matte. They are thicker and a bit harder to work with but not impossible. They look great either matte or with a top coat and I’ve shown you both below.

Cult Nails In The Garden-2

s Get Dirty
Let’s Get Dirty

s Get Dirty with Top Coat
Let’s Get Dirty (with top coat)

Let’s Get Dirty is a soft light taupe with silver shimmer. The shimmer is really pretty muted when you don’t have a top coat with it, but you can tell it’s there still. I love this color with and without the top coat. I think it looks really sophisticated but still edgy without the top coat. This was two coats.

Cult Nails Kiss My Rose Bush
Kiss My Rose Bush

Cult Nails Kiss My Rose Bush with Top Coat
Kiss My Rose Bush (with top coat)

Kiss My Rose Bush is a light muted rose pink with a wax finish. Once you add a top coat you see pink sparkles come out. This was the hardest one to work with for me. It’s REALLY thick and since I have ridges, it didn’t want to lay flat and level out. So you see some thicker areas when it doesn’t have a top coat on. I prefer it with a top coat not only because it evens everything out but you can see the pretty sparkles. This was two coats.

Cult Nails Morning Glory
Morning Glory

Cult Nails Morning Glory with Top Coat
Morning Glory (with top coat)

Morning Glory is a bright yet deep fuchsia pink with wax finish. This one has the strongest waxy look to it to my eye. No issues with application, it was thicker but it leveled out nicely. Very vibrant with a top coat!

re My Dandy Lion
You’re My Dandy Lion

You’re My Dandy Lion is a super bright yellow with hidden yellow shimmer. WOW. I love this color so much and I can actually wear it, yay! It is a little thick and slightly streaky so I used three coats here. The shimmer is subtle but there. So pretty.

Cult Nails Ay Poppy!
Ay Poppy!

Ay Poppy! is a super bright cool-toned orange creme. Crazy bright and super awesome. Excellent formula and coverage with just two coats.

Cult Nails In The Garden Collage

Overall: Well this definitely screams spring and warm weather to me. I really love the wax finishes,  but they also look great with a top coat. Two ways to wear it in one! I think the stand-out shades here are You’re My Dandy Lion and Ay Poppy!

Availability: Cult Nails.

Pricing: $60.00 for all five.

What do you think about In the Garden?


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Written by Kelly
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