Hard Candy Glitteratzi

The Hard Candy Glitteratzi Collection is the final of the five new collections that have been recently released at Walmart.

Glitterazi features nine super glittery shades that are actually opaque enough to wear on their own! Or you could add them over another shade for more dimension. The ones I do not have are Glitter Jam, Party Lights and Sparkle City.

Happily these applied much better than the Crystal Confetti Collection ones. I mean yes, they are super messy to remove because of all the fine glittery particles, but they are much more even in application. As long as you shake them before applying, you get a good amount of the large and smaller glitter and it doesn’t all wipe off with a second coat. Nearly all of these are just two coats in the swatches below.

Hard Candy Glitteratzi-2

Hard Candy Glitteratzi-3

Hard Candy Glitteratzi-4

Hard Candy Tinsel Town
Tinsel Town

Tinsel Town features tons of teal sugary-like micro-glitter, and gold and purple bar glitter. I actually like this one, despite the fact that it has bar glitter, which normally isn’t my thing. It covers really nicely in two coats and I like the color combo.

Hard Candy So So Sequin
So So Sequin

So So Sequin features pale pink and holo micro-glitter and medium light blue hex glitter. This is another color combo I love and it also covered excellently. Two coats.

Hard Candy Mermaid Magic
Mermaid Magic

Mermaid Magic has lots of deep blue micro-glitter and medium purple hex glitter. This is another one that works really well in terms of coverage because there is so much of the micro glitter. I like! Two coats.

Hard Candy Fire Flash
Fire Flash

Fire Flash features tons of orange micro-glitter and large fuchsia hex glitter. This one doesn’t have a lot of the larger glitter, so it’s harder to get it on your nails. I used three coats here to get better coverage.

Hard Candy Glamour Girl
Glamour Girl

Glamour Girl has a lot of pink micro-glitter and medium fuchsia hex glitter. Again, nice coverage with just two coats.

Hard Candy Sparked Up
Sparked Up

Sparked Up has blue sugary micro-glitter, and blue and green short bar glitter. This one covers nicely also in three thin coats. I like that the bar glitter is really short so it doesn’t stick up anywhere.

Hard Candy Glitteratzi Collage

Overall: I liked these more than I expected I would. There are a few I really love which are Tinsel Town and So So Sequin. They applied SO MUCH better than Crystal Confetti, but are still a nightmare to easily remove.

Availability: Walmart only.

Pricing: $3.97 for 0.26 oz.

See anything here you will be stalking?


Note: Hard Candy is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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