Hard Candy Crushed Chrome

The Hard Candy Crushed Chrome Collection, which is another Walmart exclusive, has made up for the Crystal Confetti nightmare from earlier! Aren’t you glad?

This nine-piece collection features super shimmery, metallic shades. They all have a heavy gold shimmer in them and the formula was absolutely fabulous. Thick, yet creamy and smooth, and great coverage in just two coats. Not shown are Crush On Pink, Crush On Tin and Crush On Lava.

Now we’re talkin’!

Hard Candy Crushed Chrome-2

Hard Candy Crushed Chrome-3

Hard Candy Crushed Chrome-4

Hard Candy Crush On Gold
Crush On Gold

Crush On Gold is a cool-toned gold with warm gold glitter.

Hard Candy Crush On Amethyst
Crush On Amethyst

Crush On Amethyst is a warm purple with heavy gold glitter. Wow this color blew me away once it was on my nails. It’s so pretty and rich, and my favorite one.

Hard Candy Crush On Raisin
Crush On Raisin

Crush On Raisin is a warm pink/brown with gold glitter. Another one I wasn’t expecting to look so amazing.

Hard Candy Crush On Copper
Crush On Copper

Crush On Copper is a bright orange with gold glitter. Very saturated and rich.

Hard Candy Crush On Ivy
Crush On Ivy

Crush On Ivy is a vivid green with gold glitter.

Hard Candy Crush On Caribbean
Crush On Caribbean

Crush On Caribbean is a deep blue with heavy gold glitter. This one is far cooler in person than any photo I could take of it. The gold and blue looks really amazing in person, trust me! It’s not just a blue, you see tons of gold flashing around in different lighting.

Hard Candy Crushed Chrome Collage

Overall: Great collection! Really cool colors and the formula was really great. This is what I always hope for in a collection. Because they are metallics they dry really quickly as well. They do leave glittery pieces behind on your nails and fingertips when you remove them, but not as bad as regular glitters. If you could only get two I would suggest Crush On Amethyst and Crush On Caribbean. But the others are awesome also!

Availability: Walmart only.

Pricing: $3.97 for 0.26 oz.

Do you see anything here you shall be hunting down?


Note: Hard Candy is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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