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Many of you have asked me (and Sam at Fashion Polish) what the results of what happened with the China Glaze, ShopNBC, Shopping Channel debacle we both wrote about, so here’s the deal. And let me just preface this by saying these are my words and thoughts, I am not speaking for Sam.

Soon after our posts went live, we were both contacted via email by the Vice President of American International Industries (aka Aii, the company that owns China Glaze). She wanted to speak to us via phone. Sam spoke with her the next day and I did soon after as well.

In both of our conversations she listened to our stories about what had happened, assured us that contractor was no longer working with them, and asked us what they could do to try and make this right. She said they greatly valued their relationships with us and wanted to work together in the future still. It’s worth noting that she never actually apologized to me a single time. In fact she started the conversation saying “Hi Kelly, so tell me what happened with the contractor” which kind of surprised me actually.

The main thing Sam and I both asked for was a public apology on their Facebook page. I definitely felt this was something they needed to address since we had written the posts and now people knew about what happened. An apology, especially publicly, can go a long way. She agreed and told me she would talk to her social media team about this.

Three weeks passed without hearing anything. We followed up with emails a couple times. We didn’t hear back. Finally the VP of Aii emailed us and said she was away on business and didn’t see our three emails, which I don’t believe for a second. Anyway long story short, she tells us that she apologized to us on the phone (let me reiterate that she never did apologize to me but did to Sam) and now wanted to move forward and put this behind us because they valued us and our relationship. She also instructed us to contact their PR going forward. Basically she was washing her hands of the whole thing.


So she called us, asked us what they could do to make it right, and then never followed through. It would appear that they don’t care at all about making anything right with us. All they needed to do was publicly apologize as they said they would and THEN we could have possibly put it all behind us. Maybe they think they don’t need to apologize in public because there wasn’t a big stink made about it like there was with the Abigail Larson incident. People didn’t create a huge uproar so they kind of brushed it under the rug hoping time would make it all disappear.

And of course the cynic in me thinks that she wanted to do this via telephone rather than email because that way there would be nothing stated in writing. And this folks, is why I NEVER (except for this case) use the phone and prefer email.

What really bothers me the most about this situation is the fact that I feel like they think we are dumb. I feel like they called us to make us feel better and try and smooth things over, never having any intention of doing what they said. I feel like they let time pass and hoped it would go away and we wouldn’t care anymore. I feel like they think we are so desperate to show their nail polish that we don’t care that they did this.

Well I for one don’t like any company enough to let them treat me like this and still support them. I am not so desperate to show the next China Glaze collection that I am debating on whether I should just let it slide to get my hands on it. Nope, don’t care.

So that’s where I am at this point. It really takes a lot to shock me, but this kind of shocks me. I didn’t fully put the blame of this on China Glaze to begin with, but they have made things much worse by making promises they didn’t keep to us. What kind of professional company does that? Sure the Shopping Channel and ShopNBC took photos from us with no credit, but at least they never told us they would “make it right” with us afterwards then not follow through.  I don’t blame their in-house PR person or their outside PR company for any of this though. They have always been great to me and I know none of these decisions were theirs. These decisions lie directly with the VP of Aii who is the one who contacted us, made these promises and then went back on her word. She is the one who has the power to make things happen and she chose not to.

This is a really hard thing to deal with for me personally because they were one of the very first brands I ever started working with over four and a half years ago. They have been one of my favorite brands for a long time. To be treated like this from a company you loved just sucks.

Where does this leave my relationship with the brand then? Well unless some kind of miracle occurs, I don’t plan on reviewing new collections from them again or giving them any publicity. I’ve been considering pulling all my posts and photos as well, but that’s a huge time-consuming undertaking. It’s a really hard decision not only because I love them but because my China Glaze posts have always been some of my most read and most popular posts. But in the end none of that matters if a brand treats me like a moron. My loyalties don’t run that deep.


Written by Kelly
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