Fergie Centerstage Collection Photo Op Eyeshadow

The Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Photo Op Eyeshadow Collection features four eyeshadow palettes, each featuring five shades exclusive to the Fergie collection.

Each of the palettes features different finishes within, so you can create a variety of looks. They are meant to be intensely pigmented, long-wearing shadows.

My experience with these overall was pretty good. Most of the shadows were nicely pigmented and while they didn’t feel like the softest shadows I have ever used, they didn’t feel hard or chalky either.

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow Maldives Sky
Maldives Sky

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow Maldives Sky Swatches
Maldives Sky (over primer)

The Maldives Sky palette features really bold colors, all on the cool side.

First we have a pale green shimmer, which was one of the most sheer shadows in all these palettes.

Second is a medium purple matte.

Third is a medium navy blue metallic.

Fourth is an intense teal with shimmer. Gorgeous shade and very pigmented.

In the middle is a deep charcoal grey matte.

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow Dutchess Lounge
Dutchess Lounge

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow Dutchess Lounge Swatches
Dutchess Lounge (over primer)

The Dutchess Lounge palette features mostly deep smokey purple shades.

First we have a sparkly pale silver.

Second is a very dark shimmery eggplant with great pigmentation.

Third is a super sparkly black, very saturated.

Fourth is a glittery purple, again with great pigmentation.

In the middle is a medium matte purple, a little on the patchy side.

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow Desert Festival
Desert Festival

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow Desert FestivalSwatches
Desert Festival (over primer)

The Desert Festival palette features all warm, more natural shades.

First is a very pale tan with slight sheen. Very hard to see!

Second is a vivid burnt orange matte, nice pigmentation.

Third is a very dark chocolate brown with glitter. Looks nearly black here but it’s really not.

Fourth is a shimmery warm tangerine/peach shade. Great pigmentation and soft.

In the middle is a deep chocolate brown matte with great payoff.

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow Metropolitan Nights
Metropolitan Nights

Wet n Wild Fergie Photo Op Eyeshadow Metropolitan Nights Swatches
Metropolitan Nights (over primer)

The Metropolitan Nights palette might be the hardest to wear overall because it features some yellow and starker shades.

First up is a bright white sheen.

Second is a super glittery warm yellow that barely shows up and feels a bit gritty.

Third is a black with yellow glitter.

Fourth is a shimmery silvery/taupe shade. Kind of a strange one in this palette I think.

In the middle is a black matte.

Wearing Maldives Sky
Wearing Maldives Sky palette with Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Color in Daily

Wearing Maldives Sky-3
Wearing Maldives Sky

Overall: There were some hits and misses, but mostly hits. My favorite two are Maldives Sky and Desert Festival. I think of all of these Desert Festival is probably the easiest most natural one, and also it has the best pigmentation and texture in one palette.

Availability: Drugstores.

Pricing: $4.99.

Have you tried any of these yet? Which do you like here?


Note: Wet n Wild is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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