QOTW 2-8-13

Well here we are again, another week has passed and it’s Friday. Yahoo!

Was this week good for you? Anything special happen? Mine was one of those “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong” weeks, especially with technology. My power went out, the wireless kept going out, then my site crashed for almost 2 days. TECHNOLOGY *shakes fist*!

Anyway hopefully that’s all over and done with for awhile.

Do you have different colored walls in your house, or do you prefer an all-white canvas?

In my house, nearly every room is a different color. My living room is a deep red on three walls with one bright white wall. My kitchen is white. Actually more like yellow/grey because it needs re-painting badly! The family room is a dark chocolate brown on three walls and white on one. The hallways are bright white because there are no windows, and it’s really dark. My step-daughter’s room is a medium blue on three walls and chocolate brown on one. My office is a robin’s egg/Tiffany blue shade. Our master bedroom is a sage green. Both bathrooms are white and need re-painted white again. They’re also very dark with no windows (just a skylight in our bathroom) so bright white is best. But just white everything is so boring to me, I love color! The only problem is I constantly want to re-paint rooms with different colors…I guess I have to keep that to my nails. 😉

Have a great one!


Written by Kelly
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