Makeup Memories

Here are three vivid makeup memories I probably won’t ever forget.

  • I had this vivid lavender shade of lipstick from Cover Girl (I think) when I was maybe 15. I absolutely loved it and would put it on at home in my bedroom, but never had the courage to wear it outside. I would totally wear a shade like that now.
  • The first time I wore foundation I was 16. I think it was from Lancome. It was my mom’s foundation, and about 2-3 shades too dark for my skin tone. I remember putting on this huge fluffy creme-colored sweater I got for Christmas, and it rubbed off all over the neck of the sweater. So not attractive.

  • Back around 1998 I was interviewing for jobs in publishing after I graduated college. I went to a very small indie-type Berkeley company (one of a million in Berkeley) to interview with two people. I very clearly remember that they were all a bit “alternative” looking and were all dressed very casually in jeans, t-shirts, etc. The man who was interviewing me was probably in his late 20’s and looked very laid back, and he made a comment on my nail polish. He mentioned that I was very bold to be wearing a shade like that at a job interview. It was from Revlon and was a new slate blue/grey that had come out. I remember being kind of shocked that he would comment on that, especially considering the type of company they appeared to be like, the fact that I had worked in publishing for 2 years, and had a BA in English. The whole interview after that was him and the woman being a bit snarky and acting like I was a complete idiot for wearing the nail polish. Bad vibe. I never heard back from them and am glad I didn’t because they were a bunch of jerks anyway! I could understand the comment a whole lot more if it had been coming from a banking company or law firm or something even slightly conservative. But an indie publishing house in Berkeley, is most definitely NOT that!

What are some of your early makeup memories?


Written by Kelly
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