Flower Nail Lacquer

Ready for some Flower Nail Lacquer? I sure am!

Flower, the new line sold exclusively at Walmart was created by Drew Barrymore, and I can completely see her wearing all these shades. Currently there are 16 shades in the Flower nail lacquer line. The display I saw had about half of them missing, so I chose the three that I liked the best.

I like the bottle shape and the white cap. And luckily, the cap pops off to reveal a smaller rounded cap inside, which makes applying it much easier. All of these were just two coats and except for some slight streaks with one, I had no issues.

Flower Nail Lacquer-2
Thistle Or That?, Cosmo-Politan, Good Bud-Dy

Flower Nail Lacquer Thistle Or That?
Thistle Or That?

Thistle Or That? is a pale blue with very hidden shimmer. Basically you should treat it as a creme because you will hardly ever see the shimmer without a microscope! But it’s a pretty shade nonetheless. I wore it the other day and was rather impressed with the 2 1/2-3 day wear I got from it, which is on the long side for me!

Flower Nail Lacquer Cosmos-Politan

Cosmo-Politan is a bright fuchsia pink with blue shimmer. This shimmer is much more obvious and it definitely makes the polish especially pretty. Really nice thick creamy formula, it was almost just one coat. Love it.

Flower Nail Lacquer Good Bud-Dy
Good Bud-Dy

Good Bud-Dy is a medium blue creme, on the sheer side. This was the one I had some issues with. As you can see, we have some streaking going on. This is just two coats so it probably would have been slightly better with three. But I got lazy. No hidden shimmer with this one.

Flower Nail Lacquer Collage

Overall: I am more impressed than I expected to be with these. Whenever I buy a new, inexpensive polish from a brand I have never tried, I still have this expectation that it’s going to be awful or just ok at best. But these are actually really nice, especially Thistle Or That? and Cosmo-Politan.

Availability: Walmart and Walmart.com.

Pricing: $4.98 for 0.4 oz.

Love them or pass?


Note: Flower is cruelty free.

Written by Kelly
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