Deborah Lippmann Girls Collection

Deborah Lippmann and HBO have partnered together for a limited edition collection based on the HBO series GIRLS.

Each one of these shades is inspired by one of the four girls on the show, and I have to say, the colors match the characters pretty perfectly! I caught up on season 1 a couple months ago and am now watching season 2. Great show!

Here is some background on the characters in case you don’t watch:

  • Marnie – She’s the more responsible and serious of the four. She worked in an art gallery so a soft, conservative shade fits well.
  • Shoshanna – She’s a fast-talking, kooky character. Innocent and a bit of a late bloomer so a shimmery purple suits her.
  • Hannah – The star of the show (written by and played by Lena Dunham) is a struggling writer who can be moody and quirky, but very loyal (ish). The non-so-common green suits her really well.
  • Jessa – She is a bohemian Brit. Very free, very spiritual in a strange way. This burgundy red creme is a great one for Jessa.

Deborah Lippmann Girls Collection 2

Deborah Lippmann Marnie

Marnie is a soft ballet pink. It is a wee bit streaky even with three thin coats. Still a nice “responsible” shade.

Deborah Lippmann Shoshanna

Shoshanna is a medium violet with slight shimmer. Really nice shade I like the subtle shimmer. Great formula, very smooth and just two coats.

Deborah Lippmann Hannah

Hannah is a medium/deep muted hunter green. It has a dusty quality to it, which I love. Very unique and cool. It was just two coats.

Deborah Lippmann Jessa

Jessa is a deep burgundy red creme. I had some problems getting this one completely even with the coverage. Take your time in-between coats or you’ll wind up with cuticle drag. This was three coats.

Deborah Lippmann GIRLS Collection Collage

Overall: I think these shades really do match these characters very well, so right on Deborah! The most unique one was definitely Hannah but I really liked Shoshanna as well.

Availability: February 1st at, Neiman Marcus and Deborah Lippmann.

Pricing: $45 for the set (only comes as a set, sorry!)

What do you think about GIRLS? Do you also watch the show?


Note: Deborah Lippmann is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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