Bite Beauty Pastille Collection

Lipstick lovers, prepare yourself to fall in love with this new Bite Beauty Pastille Collection for spring!

The Pastille Collection is a limited edition collection featuring four new matte lipsticks. They got the inspiration for this collection from French pastille candies, which are flavored with flowers and herbs. Each one of these shades features pure essential oils of rose, lavender and geranium.They may be infused with all this flowery goodness but don’t worry, they don’t smell or taste like much at all.

They also contain organic fruit butters which help give it a really creamy, moist texture and make them very comfortable to wear for a long time. Also included is Resveratrol, which is an anti-oxidant and fights free radicals.

Bite Beauty Pastille Collection-2
Pastille Lilac, Pastille Lavender, Pastille Rosebud, Pastille Violet

Bite Beauty Pastille Collection-3
Pastille Lilac, Pastille Lavender, Pastille Rosebud, Pastille Violet

Bite Beauty Pastille Collection Swatches
Pastille Lilac, Pastille Lavender, Pastille Rosebud, Pastille Violet

Pastille Lilac is a really intense pink/lilac shade. Bright, pigmented, gorgeous.

Pastille Lavender is a sheer lavender with just very slight shimmer in certain lighting.

Pastille Rosebud is a vivid pinkish/red.

Pastille Violet is a bright, pigmented violet. LOVE.

Bite Beauty Pastille Lilac
Pastille Lilac

Bite Beauty Pastille Lavender
Pastille Lavender

Bite Beauty Pastille Rosebud
Pastille Rosebud

Bite Beauty Pastille Violet
Pastille Violet

Bite Beauty Pastille Collection Collage

Overall: While these are termed “matte” shades, they do not feel dry, chalky or tight at all. They do still have a bit of shine to them. Pastille Lavender seems more of a sheer shade than matte to me. They feel super moisturizing on and are really pigmented and vivid. I absolutely love them but especially Pastille Lilac and Pastille Violet. Great collection!

Availability: Sephora and JCPenny/Sephora only.

Pricing: $24.00.

Ok lipstick lovers, let me know what you think! Anything here tempting you to try Bite Beauty for the first time?


Note: Bite Beauty is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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