Aerin Lauder Spring 2013

Aerin Lauder now has her own makeup line out, did you know? Aerin Lauder Garden Color Collection is new for spring 2013 (limited edition) and it features a bevy of perfectly spring-like shades.

The collection was inspired by the colors of early spring flowers and some of the items are infused with her signature floral scent. Which I have to say I am a fan of because it smells like roses and I love a good rose scent!

Think of pinks, lavenders and blues and get ready for spring!

Aerin Lauder A Garden At Dusk and A Garden In Bloom

The shadow/blush palettes come in these super cute flower patterned zip-around case. The one issue I have with them though is the zipper doesn’t exactly unzip easily. Both of these were a bit stiff as you went around the corners. But the good thing is the more you unzip and zip it, the looser it gets.

Aerin Lauder A Garden In Bloom
A Garden In Bloom

Aerin Lauder A Garden In Bloom 2
A Garden In Bloom

Aerin Lauder A Garden In Bloom Swatches
Nectar, Iris, Lily, Dahlia (over primer)

A Garden in Bloom features a medium pink blush (Nectar), a pale shimmery pink (Iris), a matte pink/beige (Lily) and a slightly shimmery greyed out purple (Dahlia).

Nectar is nicely pigmented, bright and cheery. The eyeshadows are decently pigmented (not VERY pigmented though) and on the soft side. Pretty shades, maybe nothing groundbreaking though.

Interestingly the shadows do have that rose scent in them, but you can’t smell it on your eye (because that would be weird). ๐Ÿ™‚

Aerin Lauder A Garden At Dusk
A Garden At Dusk

Aerin Lauder A Garden At Dusk 2
A Garden At Dusk

Aerin Lauder A Garden At Dusk Swatches
Blossom, Peony, Hyacinth, Dusk (over primer)

A Garden At Dusk features a medium tan/pink blush (Blossom), a suuuuuper pale matte pink (Peony – which barely shows up in this swatch), a metallic lilac (Hyacinth) and a deep shimmery purple (Dusk).

Blossom had good pigmentation as did the Hyacinth and Dusk. Peony… not so much.

Aerin Lauder Spring 2013 2
Pink Rose Lip Gloss, Sweet Pea Multi-Color for Lips and Cheeks

Aerin Lauder Spring 2013 3
Pink Rose Lip Gloss, Sweet Pea Multi-Color for Lips and Cheeks

Aerin Lauder Sweet Pea Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks
Sweet Pea Multi-Color for Lips and Cheeks

Aerin Lauder Pink Rose Lip Gloss
Pink Rose Lip Gloss

Aerin Lauder Sweet Pea and Pink Rose Swatches
Sweet Pea Multi-Color for Lips and Cheeks, Pink Rose Lip Gloss

Sweet Pea comes in a nice gold compact with a mirror inside. The shade is a medium peachy/pink and as the name implies you can use it as a blush or lip color. I didn’t detect any of the floral scent with this one. Looks nice as a creme blush, but it’s on the soft side.

Pink Rose is a very sheer beige/pink gloss with a hint of shimmer. This one is VERY infused with the rose scent, which I love. But some people will be sensitive to that.

Aerin Lauder Spring 2013 Look

Aerin Lauder Spring 2013 Look-2

Eyes: On lids I am wearing the Hyacinth from A Garden At Dusk on the inner half and Dahlia from A Garden In Bloom on the outer half. Blended into that is Lily from the same palette, and then under the brows is Peony. I used the Dusk (wet) from A Garden At Dusk as an eyeliner on upper lids.

Face: Wearing Sweet Pea on cheeks.

Lips: Wearing Pink Rose Lip Gloss.


See how elegant Aerin Lauder is?

Aerin Lauder Spring 2013 Collage

See how inelegant I am?

Overall: Well there are things to like and dislike here from my perspective. The packaging is nice, it looks high-end and elegant. The zippered cases were a little hard to open, but they do loosen up. However for this price, I would expect a better zipper!

I felt like most everything here is “nice”, but maybe not unique. It’s all very soft and I think aimed more towards the refined makeup connoisseur. Whatever that means. Most everything here is very cool-toned also, so keep that in mind. Oh and the price…it’s not inexpensive!

Availability: For a limited time starting February 2013 at and

Pricing: Eye/Blush Palettes ($70), Multi-Color ($42), Lip Gloss ($30). Like I said, it’s not cheap!

What do you think about this Aerin Lauder collection? Too rich for your blood or no?


Note: Aerin Lauder is not cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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