Topshop Lips and Lip Stick

These Topshop lip products might not be brand new, but they’re new to me! They are in fact from summer last year, but hey, spring is coming and all of these make good spring shades!

Topshop Lips is a lipstick that comes in many different shades and has a velvet matte finish. Lip Stick is a fatty lipstick pencil that comes in three shades and has a matte finish.

Topshop Lips

Topshop Lips 2
Secret Admirer, Rumour Has It, Mischief

Topshop Lip Stick in Clueless

Topshop Lips and Lipstick Swatches
Secret Admirer, Rumour Has It, Mischief, Clueless

The Lips shades have a velvet-matte finish and apply pretty smoothly and easily. They feel decently moisturizing, but not SUPER moisturizing. I might wear a lip balm under them if I wear for longer than a couple hours. They all have a slightly floral scent (and very slight taste) to them, which I actually quite like. The Lip Stick pencil is a matte finish, but not chalky or overly drying. No scent or taste to that one.

Secret Admirer is a pale pink shade. Nice and soft, but it does tend to settle into lips lines a bit.

Rumour Has It is a dusty rose pink. It looks more tan and less pink in the tube than on my lips. Nice neutral type shade.

Mischief is a bright blue-based red. Gorgeous, shiny and super-saturated.

Clueless is a bright pink matte. Really bright, really pretty.

Topshop Lips in Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer

Topshop Lips in Rumour Has It
Rumour Has It

Topshop Lips in Mischief

Topshop Lip Stick in Clueless Swatch

Overall: I like both of these products and for my first time trying Topshop makeup I am somewhat impressed. The Lips tubes feel pretty good in my hand. Sturdy with snug-fitting caps, but still lightweight.  The Lip Stick pencil is nice because it’s basically a lip liner and lipstick in one. You do have to sharpen it with a sharpener however. The one caveat is these aren’t inexpensive and especially the Lip Stick pencil, considering how much product you get (or don’t get).

Availability: Topshop stores and website.

Pricing: Lips ($16 for 0.12 oz), Lip Stick ($15 for 0.081 oz).

Have you tried any Topshop lip products?


Note: Topshop is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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