Revlon Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights

Revlon Bubble Gum Days/Urban Nights is a new collection for spring. One side features lighter feminine shades, and the other side has edgier deeper shades.

I’m not sure how many in total this collection holds because every display I have seen has been half ravaged. But I picked up the only ones that really appealed to me from both sides.

Let’s DO THIS and happy Saturday! 😀

Revlon Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights 2
Girly, Enchanting, Eclectic, Urban, Iconic

Revlon Girly

Girly is definitely aptly named! It has a bubblegum pink base and contains pink, blue, lavender and fuchsia hexagonal glitter in various sizes. Wanna see it super up close & personal? Check it here.

Surprisingly this one wasn’t TOO much of a pain to apply. I hated it with the first two coats because the base is pretty watery, and it seemed fairly uneven. But by the third coat the glitter was nicely dispersed, and the base covered my nail completely. I didn’t have to “place” any of the glitter other than pushing back a couple pieces that wanted to stick off my nail tip. Definitely wait a few minutes in-between each coat to save yourself a headache! I think this is a really cute and unique glitter all in all, and I am rather impressed.

Revlon Enchanting

Enchanting is a saturated and bright lavender with hidden pink shimmer. Man oh man do I love this color, but not until I was three thin coats in. In the bottle it looks to be an ordinary lavender creme, but the shimmer is there, and it winds up being a really feminine and soft shade, yet still vivid. Love it.

Revlon Eclectic

Eclectic is a soft mint/jade creme. Oh how I wanted to love this one, but the formula just wasn’t there. This is a very sheer and watery formula, and even after three coats you can see patchy areas all over. I nearly did four coats for the swatch but then thought, no way would I ever do that in real life, so I won’t here either! That’s a pet peeve of mine, when I know a polish doesn’t cover the way a “normal” person would wear it (2-3 coats) but the swatch seems to look perfect. Sorry just a rant…Pretty shade, bad formula.

Revlon Urban

Urban is a deep cobalt blue creme. This one is interesting because the blue is rather different from most dark blue cremes. It’s a softer blue, nearly violet but not quite. It definitely doesn’t look black ever, but it’s brighter in certain lighting. I REALLY like this one, and I don’t normally think much of deep blue cremes. Great formula, this practically covered in one coat but I used two.

Revlon Iconic

Iconic is a very dark charcoal grey. It’s very cool-toned and almost looks like a deep chalkboard green creme under certain lighting. It’s super dark, but again doesn’t look harsh like black does. I love this one also, though it may not be unique. Excellent formula this also was almost one coat but I used two.

Revlon Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights Collage

Overall: I truly loved all of these except Eclectic. I wish it had a better formula because it could have been a great shade. Oh well you can’t win then all! I think the most unique ones are Girly (probably the fan fav) and Enchanting.

Availability: CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.

Pricing: I got them on sale at Walgreens for $4.99 but they run anywhere from that on up.

Which of these do you want or already own?


Note: Revlon is not cruelty free.

Written by Kelly
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