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QOTW 1-18-13

Happy Friday!

How was your week? Mine was COLD. It’s been unusually cold at night and in the morning in the Bay Area for about a week, which means 20’s and low 30’s. This isn’t normal and I am not a fan. Luckily the sun has also been coming out and it’s been blue skies at least. But brrrrr, I am not cut out for this arctic weather. I am sure many of you are chuckling as you look outside at a 5 foot snowbank and it’s minus 10 degrees. But remember, we are weather wimps in California. ­čśë

Do you like or loathe the dentist?

LOATHE. It might be my least favorite appointment. And of course it would be the one that you have to do at least twice a year. I get incredibly tense in the chair and I don’t even realize it. I will look down, as they are scraping along my gum with that horrid stainless steel pointed death dagger thingie, and my nails will be dug into the chair and my whole body is stiffer than a board. There is just no way to get relaxed with sharp pointy things in my mouth that make me bleed. Yeah I know, I need to floss more. Story of my life.

Sadly for me I have to go this afternoon for my 3 month overdue cleaning. See I hate it so much I put it off as long as I possibly can!

Have a great one!



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  • January 18, 2013

    Good luck at the dentist’s, Kelly!

    I actually really like my dentist appointments but I might be weird. Most of the dentists I’ve had in my life are super attentive and professional, so I don’t mind seeing mine regularly at all! Granted I hate the noise some tools make, it never gets TOO bad.
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    • January 18, 2013

      You are so lucky. I have heard some people actually fall asleep in the chair! I cannot fathom that. :)

  • January 18, 2013

    I hate going to the dentist but I like the way my teeth feel after the cleaning. :)

    • January 18, 2013

      That is true. I have some whitening strips I plan on using once I am done also!

  • January 18, 2013

    LOATHE! I felt like I was reading my dentist visits. I’m exactly like you. But I’ve had some pretty terrible visits in my short time. I can’t stand dentists. Bleh. And whoever invented that stainless steel death pointy thing should have a terrible death.

    • January 18, 2013

      Guess what? They called this AM and changed my appointment to the 30th so I am clear for 2 more weeks, haha! I am excited to Post-pone it :)

  • January 18, 2013

    I’m actually totally OK with visits to the dentist! I mean, I would definitely rather be doing something else, but my dentist is great and doesn’t inflict pain on me! I can totally understand why people hate going, especially if they had a bad experience!
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  • January 18, 2013

    I really like going to MY dentist, but I’ve heard enough horror stories that I’m kind of terrified of anyone else. Mine is super nice and generous with the Novocain, so I’ve never had a painful experience, even root canals. He just can’t ever retire.

  • January 18, 2013

    Haha I don’t mind it at all. I mean, it’s as inconvenient as any appointment, but compared to any other doctors, it’s the best for me by far.
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  • January 18, 2013

    Agreed with the dentist. I hate that they always go, “You know, your gums are bleeding.” BECAUSE YOU ARE STABBING THEM WITH THAT METAL THING, FOOLS.
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  • January 18, 2013
    Victoria S Andrews

    I hate going to the dentist soooo much. Last time I went for a cleaning I had a panic attack and had to have my husband drive me! I have such a sensitive mouth everything feels like a full on frontal attack. I go every 6 months but hate, hate, hate it every time.

  • January 18, 2013

    I always loved going to the dentist, especially as a child because my DAD was my dentist! So of course, I am probably probably the rare part of the population! However, I got exctited to see my dad do his job and I visited the rooms that I cleaned on the weekend to earn my allowance.

    As a grown woman, going still reminds me of going to see Dad even if he retired when I was in high school and passed away 5 years ago. However, it is an environment I grew up comfortable with. Plus we have an AMAZING dental practice that we go to now. I know it can be hard to feel confident when you have to find a new dentist when they retire, many people were so sad when my dad retired, they would tell me, “He is the best, I went to him as a kid, my parents did and now my own kids do! How will we find a new dentist!”

  • January 18, 2013

    After two long and painful operations, I have nothing worse to fear from them so I guess I like.

  • January 18, 2013

    I actually like going to the dentist, but the dentist I have is super nice and has a no-pain policy.

    Granted, I’m not comfortable all the time. The first time I had a root canal done, I actually had a panic attack right before they started. I calmed down, though, and I ended up not feeling a thing during the procedure.

  • January 18, 2013

    Ugh. They have to heavily sedate me to do even a cleaning, I have massive panic attacks when I go to the dentist. It’s worst when I need a filling. Novocaine, for some reason, doesn’t affect me like it should, so it takes forever to numb me and usually I can still feel what they’re doing even after I’ve had the maximum dosage.

  • January 18, 2013

    LOATHE with a passion. I can’t even handle the cleaning. Dentists are mean people haha!

  • January 19, 2013

    I actually like going to the dentist. I’ve never had a bad experience. My current dentist is obsessed with ‘dental’ decor though. She’s got soft toys shaped like cute smiling teeth, teeth-shaped vases and so on.
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  • January 19, 2013

    Well, I don’t really like the dentist but I don’t hate it either. Now, let’s talk about taking my kids to the dentist! Yes, I LOATHE taking them because my son resorts to excessive crying. He hates bright lights and loud noises so it’s the worst!
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  • January 24, 2013

    Which part of the bay area are you from? I’m by Oakland and we had one of our toilet tanks crack because of the freezing temperatures.

    • January 25, 2013

      East Bay also, but the Pinole,Richmond,Orinda area :)