QOTW 1-18-13

Happy Friday!

How was your week? Mine was COLD. It’s been unusually cold at night and in the morning in the Bay Area for about a week, which means 20’s and low 30’s. This isn’t normal and I am not a fan. Luckily the sun has also been coming out and it’s been blue skies at least. But brrrrr, I am not cut out for this arctic weather. I am sure many of you are chuckling as you look outside at a 5 foot snowbank and it’s minus 10 degrees. But remember, we are weather wimps in California. 😉

Do you like or loathe the dentist?

LOATHE. It might be my least favorite appointment. And of course it would be the one that you have to do at least twice a year. I get incredibly tense in the chair and I don’t even realize it. I will look down, as they are scraping along my gum with that horrid stainless steel pointed death dagger thingie, and my nails will be dug into the chair and my whole body is stiffer than a board. There is just no way to get relaxed with sharp pointy things in my mouth that make me bleed. Yeah I know, I need to floss more. Story of my life.

Sadly for me I have to go this afternoon for my 3 month overdue cleaning. See I hate it so much I put it off as long as I possibly can!

Have a great one!



Written by Kelly
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