QOTW 1-4-13

TGIF! Are you still on a holiday vacation or back to the old grind?

Every year come January 1st I get on a major cleaning and organization spree. And I don’t just mean one drawer or room. I mean the ENTIRE house. This year was even more over the top than usual and I am in fact still going strong. For me January 1st mean the taking down and putting away of all holiday items. Quite frankly if I see them after the 1st it makes me a little nauseous because I am SO over Christmas by then.

But it’s not just about saying goodbye to the holidays for another year. It’s about a fresh start. A clean start. A clutter-free start. An orderly start. I am one of those people who have a really hard time concentrating when there is something amiss or cluttering the room I am in. In fact, if I know a pillow isn’t where it should be on the couch when I am in bed, I will get up and put it into place!

So I have been dusting, putting away, scrubbing, washing and drying and donating up a storm so far. My favorite part of all of this (aside from huge satisfaction) is getting rid of things. I LOVE getting rid of things! So I have even been going through all my makeup and nail polish and so far have five Target bags filled with things to donate. Now I just have to find a women’s shelter that will take it all.

All this leads to my related question this week.

Do you color-code the clothes in your closet (or anything else)?

I think you probably already know my answer. Yes! I do color-code the clothes in my closet as well as my nail polish. I think those are the only things at the moment, although I have seen some bookcases where people organized their books according to the spine color. But that would be a huge task…

Have a great Friday!


Written by Kelly
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