Nails Inc Feathers

Nails Inc. has a new collection out for spring called Feathers. Feathers is a special effect polish which is supposed to give your nails a “feathery” look by using short bar glitter.

There are four polishes in the collection, each using two shades of short bar glitter. Edinburgh uses peach and pale blue, Brighton uses teal and yellow, Cornwall uses blue and white, York uses peach and white.

Nails Inc Feathers 2
Brighton, York, Cornwall

Nails Inc Brighton
Brighton (flash)

Nails Inc Brighton 2
Brighton (no flash)

Brighton uses teal green and yellow shades, and of the three I received, it’s my favorite color combo. However the effect just didn’t really work for me.

First off the polish is fairly thick, but in order to get full (or mostly full) coverage, you probably need three coats. The more coats you put on, even after waiting a few minutes in-between, the thicker and gloopier the polish gets, especially towards the tips. But also there are still bald areas on my nails, which I don’t like.

Since the bar glitter is straight it sometimes wants to stick off the tip of your nail or around your cuticles. To deal with that issue I just lightly push it where I want it to lay with my finger. Aside from all that it still doesn’t look like feathers at all to me. It just looks like a lot of bar glitter haphazardly sitting on my nails.

Nails Inc York
York (flash)

Nails Inc York 2
York (no flash)

York had a bit of a thinner more watery consistency, and it was a little easier to apply in three coats.

Nails Inc Cornwall
Cornwall (flash)


Nails Inc Cornwall 2
Cornwall (no flash)

Cornwall was the thickest for me and the hardest to get even.

Nails Inc Feathers Collage

Overall: Well here is what I think. If you love bar glitter (though this is much shorter than typical bar glitter) you might like this simply because it is kind of interesting looking. It could look cool over other polishes also. But they aren’t super easy to work with, and it doesn’t look like feathers to me at all.

Availability: February at Sephora.

Pricing: $9.50 for 0.33 oz.

What do you think about these? Usually people either love or hate bar glitter.


Note: Nails Inc. is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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