Mariah Carey by OPI

As you probably know by now Mariah Carey by OPI is a new limited edition eight-piece collection out for spring. This collection features eight shades, four of them being a new finish called Liquid Sand. What the what??

Liquid Sand is basically a glittery polish that gives you a textured sand-like finish. You don’t wear a top coat with it, so it’s pebbly and matte when it dries. Now normally I am not a fan of textured nails…but only when they aren’t meant to be textured. I honestly didn’t think I would like these, but I really do! I wore one of them right away after swatching it and really like it. It’s not as “snaggy” as I assumed either. In other words, I didn’t wind up with cat hairs attached to my nails at every turn. 😉

And just to toss this out into the world, I REALLY wish a big brand like OPI would partner with a non-pop artist one of these days for a collection. How about a Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson collection? Maybe A Perfect Circle could do one and it could be called “A Perfect Collection”? I dunno, but it would be cool I think to have some variety!

Mariah Carey by OPI 2
A Butterfly Moment, Pink Yet Lavender, Sprung, Anti-Bleak

Mariah Carey by OPI 3
The Impossible, Can’t Let Go, Get Your Number, Stay The Night

OPI A Butterfly Moment
A Butterfly Moment

A Butterfly Moment is a pink/peach/gold frosty shimmer. But not frosty in a gross way, it’s really soft, flattering and feminine. I was kind of surprised how much I wound up liking this on me. This was three thin coats and just a hint of streaks if you apply too thick.

OPI Pink Yet Lavender
Pink Yet Lavender

Pink Yet Lavender has medium pink hex glitter and small holographic glitter. I’m not really seeing the lavender in this much, as the name implies. You get a good amount of glitter with each swipe and I used two coats here.

OPI Sprung

Sprung is a warm copper with gold and pink shimmer. This is a really pretty and unique shade. Nice formula, completely covered in two coats.

OPI Anti Bleak

Anti-Bleak is a medium cool-toned purple creme. Nice shade, not unique or that interesting. This was two coats.

OPI Pink Yet Lavender over Anti Bleak
Pink Yet Lavender over Anti-Bleak

OPI The Impossible
The Impossible

The Impossible is a bright fuchsia pink Liquid Sand that features large pink star shaped glitter chunks and smaller pink hex glitter chunks. The thing about the star glitter is since it’s large and heavy it sinks to the bottom, which means it’s a bit of a chore to get it onto the brush. I had to dig out and place each of these stars on my nails. Other than that, I think this is a pretty cool polish! This was two coats.

OPI Get Your Number
Get Your Number

Get Your Number is a bright blue with hex glitter and holographic smaller glitter. Cool shade! This was two coats.

OPI Can t Let Go
Can’t Let Go

Can’t Let Go is a royal purple with medium purple hex glitter and purple micro-glitter. This one is pretty and covers really nicely in two coats.

OPI Stay The Night
Stay The Night

Stay The Night is a black with small red glitter. This is my favorites of the Liquid Sands. The base is really dark and I just think it looks really cool with the red glitter in it. Cool stuff! This was two coats.

Mariah Carey by OPI Collage

Overall: A good collection in general I think. Of the “regular” shades I think the most interesting was Sprung, but I also liked A Butterfly Moment. The Liquid Sands are definitely the stars of the collection though. I think all four of them are really cool! But they will be the kind of thing you either hate or love.

Availability: Ulta, Pure Beauty, online, etc.

Pricing: $9.00.

Alrighty then, what do we think about this collection? Are you into textured polish or no way?


Note: OPI is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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