Jessica It s a Girl Thing

New this spring from Jessica is the It’s a Girl Thing collection.

This bright, fun collection features six new shades all inspired by and named after people the founder Jessica Vartoughian knows.

Upon first glance at the bottles I will admit, I wasn’t all that impressed. I thought they might be boring bright cremes. But they are really SO much better than that! They all have really nice shimmer in them, some more subtle than others. And let me talk about the formula for a second. It’s great. Jessica normally has a really nice creamy, smooth formula, and this collection was the same. All shades here were just two coats, some nearly covered completely in one.

Jessica It s a Girl Thing 2
Ava, Amira, Alia

Jessica Ava

Ava is a medium lavender with slight silvery shimmer. Such a nice fresh lavender and the shimmer made it more interesting. This was nearly one coat, but I used two. So much better in person, trust me!

Jessica Amira

Amira is a bright candy-colored pink with silver shimmer. SO pretty! I am lusting after this shade I tell ya. It’s really bright and girly, and the shimmer is more obvious than with Ava.

Jessica Alia

Alia is a very bright and saturated orange with subtle golden shimmer. Wow. This one is super, super bright but not a neon. Amazing coverage, great shade.

Jessica It s a Girl Thing 3
Nadia, Alexis, Sophia

Jessica Nadia

Nadia is a light grey/silver with heavy shimmer. This is the one that is the most obvious with the shimmer. Nice soft shade and nice coverage. If you get too much on the brush you can wind up with subtle streaks though (my ring & pinky fingers).

Jessica Alexis

Alexis is a deep cool-toned red with pink shimmer. I didn’t expect the shimmer in this one at all and love it! Such a pretty red, it’s not a typical cherry or blood red. One of my favs here.

Jessica Sophia

Sophia is a bright robin’s egg blue with subtle shimmer. It’s bright and really nice in person. It’s a teeny tiny bit streaky if you don’t watch the coverage but not enough to turn me off it. Another one of my favs!

s a Girl Thing Collage

Overall: Ok well to put it bluntly, this is my favorite spring collection so far. I really love all the shades and the formula is really great overall. My favorite ones are Ava, Sophia, Amira, Alia and Alexis. Yeah that’s all of them but Nadia! I like Nadia also but I am really into the bright/shimmer thing the others have going on.

Availability: Jessica’s website, salons and spas at the end of January.

Pricing: $7.50.

What do you think about this collection? More interesting than a typical spring collection or no?


Note: Jessica is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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