Recently I have heavily gotten involved with a certain TV show called Friday Night Lights, after hearing form numerous people that I “HAD to watch it.”

These were people who weren’t football fans either. I mean these people actually loathe watching football and sports in general. I am among that crowd, so I figured I should give it a try. Especially considering most the shows I was watching at the time had just ended, were ending or hadn’t started yet (Dexter, Homeland, The Walking Dead, Justified, Breaking Bad, 666 Park Avenue, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Shameless, SOA, etc.)

I will admit though that this show was not easy for me to get into. In fact it took me a good six episodes before I started liking it. And that is about twice as long as I normally would give a show. But by that sixth episode, I was happily hooked.

Not hooked like SOA. Now THAT was a “hooked” I don’t think I ever have experienced with a show before. Maybe partly because of Charlie Hunnam. We do have Taylor Kitsch here, which is a very nice bonus, but Jax Teller, he ain’t. πŸ˜‰

Right now I am 5 or 6 episodes into season 4, but there is something really bothering me and maybe you know the answer.

The first season was like 21 episodes which is a normal network TV season. But seasons 2-5 are just 13 episodes. Not only that, there are a ton of unanswered story lines, so I am wondering what the hell happened!

  • Season 2 – Smash’s girlfriend who was bi-polar was in season 1, but then was never mentioned in season 2. What happened to her?
  • Season 2 – Lyla gets all religious and basically hates Tim, but then in season 3 they are together and her religion is never mentioned again.
  • Season 3 – The kid who was in juvenile hall that Buddy Garrity was helping was never mentioned in season 3, but was showed often towards the end of season 2. Um, where did he go?
  • Season 3 – Suddenly Tami Taylor is the Principal of the school!
  • Season 3 – The last scene they show with Smash he was telling his mom about a job offer he got to be a regional manager, so he was debating if he should take that or still try to get a scholarship to college and play football. They never answered these questions!
  • Season 3 – Tyra’s sister and Tim’s brother call off the engagement and she dumps him, but then suddenly they show her shopping for a wedding dress???
  • Season 3 – Tyra went on that rodeo trip with Cash. Cash yells at her and she walks out and calls Landry saying she needed to hear a familiar voice. Then next thing you know she’s back in Dillon. So what happened with Cash?


Have you watched the show?


Written by Kelly
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