Cal. Academy of Sciences

Last weekend Mr. VV and I finally made a trip to the new(ish) California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. We have been meaning to go for years, but never got around to it. I was super excited because this museum, which was completely remodeled a few years ago, was my favorite museum when I was a kid. I went on many field trips here over the years. Here you can see right in the middle is a huge bio-dome with free-flying birds and butterflies!

Cal. Academy of Sciences-5

A small black tip shark greeted us when we came in.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-6

And a GIGANTIC leopard spotted stingray. I mean this dude’s stinger was super long…

Cal. Academy of Sciences-7

There it is. Eeek.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-18

The water in the tide-pool area is so pretty. Many colorful sea urchins in it and actual waves. I really wanted to jump in!

Cal. Academy of Sciences-14

Cute giraffe.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-13

My favorite part of the museum is what I call the stuffed animal area. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even when I was a kid I was totally fascinated with these little worlds behind glass. I always loved making dioramas out of shoe-boxes, and this reminds me of a gigantic sized diorama. Makes me want to go make one right now actually.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-10

I can’t remember what these things were but the one standing up reminds me of Squirt! She always does this. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cal. Academy of Sciences-9


Cal. Academy of Sciences-8

Lion pride.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-11

While walking through the exhibit all the sudden I heard this growl and I looked up. This is what I saw, a leopard in a tree waiting to pounce!

Cal. Academy of Sciences-12


Cal. Academy of Sciences-2

On the roof of the building you can look out over at the DeYoung Museum right across the way.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-3

Right where you see those trees at the bottom of the photo is where we always ate lunch on my field trips.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-4

The roof is a sustainable “living roof”. Pretty cool and futuristic looking.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-17

These friends were on the inside of the Bio-dome.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-19

Butterfly inside bio-dome.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-20

Creepy-ass HUGE spider inside exhibit in bio-dome. This sucker was huge. I would die from fright if I ever saw one outside a container.

Cal. Academy of Sciences-16

Cal. Academy of Sciences-15

This cute little baby mountain lion was inside a learning area. They have spots when they are little. He’s about Chewbacca’s size!


Written by Kelly
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