Bobbi Brown Lip Products

I am becoming something I never thought I would be: a Bobbi Brown fan. Do people who like heavy metal music and zombie movies become Bobbi Brown fans? Apparently yes.

No really, I always considered Bobbi Brown makeup to be nice, but you know, meant for super conservative makeup wearers or those over age 40. Um, then I realized I AM age 40. But honestly, just because something is marketed to be more “natural” or for “older” women (I REFUSE to say I am “older” by the way, considering I still think of myself as being 22) doesn’t mean it’s not great for people of all ages. Look past the marketing and all that stuff, and focus on the actual product inside.

I was recently at the nearest Cosmetics Company Outlet (CCO) in Napa and there was a slew of Bobbi Brown items. Nothing much else interested me there so I was playing around with some of her items and was super impressed with the payoff and shades. So what the hell, I bought some!

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss Pink Gold
Rich Color Gloss Pink Gold

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss Pink Gold Swatch
Rich Color Gloss Pink Gold

This is going to sound asinine but Rich Color Gloss in Pink Gold might be one of the best lip gloss shades I have ever tried! I know, “Yeah right” you are thinking. “She JUST became a Bobbi Brown fan and miraculously found her favorite shade ever just like that?” But yeah, I kinda did.

First off the texture is thick but not sticky. You actually don’t need as much product as you might think to get great coverage. I somehow thought it was going to be really sheer. Wrong. These actually have full coverage like a lipstick, but are super glossy like a gloss. It feels really moisturizing and as mentioned, no stickiness at all. There is a peppermint scent to it.

This shade is a gorgeous pink gold that is so shimmery, shiny and flattering. I am in love.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color Washed Seashell
Creamy Lip Color Washed Seashell

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color Washed Seashell Swatch
Creamy Lip Color Washed Seashell

Creamy Lip Colors are a lipstick infused with Shea butter and other properties to make them very moisturizing and smooth. They come in a nice black tube and the lipstick has an angled slant for easy application.

Washed Seashell is a seriously pretty and flattering shimmery pink nude. Ugh I love it, and can tell this is going to be a go-to shade for me. Would look especially pretty with a smoky eye or butt-load of dark eyeliner.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Nude Beige
Lip Color Nude Beige

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Nude Beige Swatch
Lip Color Nude Beige

Ok now for a little warmth, but still pinky and nude-esque. Lip Colors are a lipstick that contain vitamins E & C and beeswax for moisture and they have a soft matte finish. Not matte as in flat, they do have a slight shine to them and feel more soothing than a typical MATTE matte.

Nude Beige is a warm, medium pink/beige shade. Love this shade on me, and it’s nice and pigmented. It does have a very “lipstick-y” scent and taste to it, which sometimes I don’t like and sometimes I don’t mind. I like it in a way because it reminds me of being a young teen and trying on lipstick for the first time. Every lipstick in the 80’s had that strong lipstick scent and taste.

Bobbi Brown Pink Gold Washed Seashell Nude Beige Swatches
Pink Gold, Washed Seashell, Nude Beige

Availability: I believe most of these are still available on the Bobbi Brown site and elsewhere, as well as your local CCO for cheaper!

Pricing: Rich Color Gloss $24 for .24 oz, Creamy Lip Color $24 for .13 oz,, Lip Color $24 for .12 oz.

Do you wear any Bobbi Brown products? What do you think about these shades, loving them or not so much?


Note: Bobbi Brown is not cruelty free.

Written by Kelly
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