Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun

Do you know about Naked Cosmetics yet? I have recently been introduced to them myself!

Naked Cosmetics pigments are made with the highest grade of Mica, which gives you a really good pay off. They contain no talc, waxes, oils or fillers in them. You can buy their pigments as separate pots or as a collection of six (shades pre-determined for you).

I had a discount with them so I kind of went hog wild and bought three collections. This one here is called Desert Sun and features very wearable earthy warm shades. The shades don’t have actual names other than a letter/number combination.

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sunset 2

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun 3

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun 4

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun DE 03

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun DE 02

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun DE 06

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun Swatches
DE-03, DE-02, DE-06

DE-03 is a warm goldish/olive green.

DE-02 is a warm medium pink.

DE-06 is an intense pinkish/bronze.

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun DE 01

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun DE 04

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun DE 05

Naked Cosmetics Desert Sun Swatches 2
DE-01, DE-04, DE-05

DE-01 is a pale golden/yellow.

DE-04 is a bright medium pink.

DE-05 is a medium warm purple.

Overall: The pigments are really soft and fluffy and for the most part you only need a very small amount to go a long way. None of these were swatched over primer, and you still get really good pay off. I think the least pigmented one was DE-05, but it still was good. Another couple things to note about these pigments. You can use them wet for a more intense look. But you can also use them as liner, on the lips or as bronzer/blush shades. They even have instructions on the box for how to use them as nail polish or hair highlights!

Now about the packaging. These come in plastic jars with a screw-off cap and no sifter. They feel decent overall, not too cheap. However I do wish they had a sifter inside of them. I also wish the individual shades had actual colors instead of the letter/number system they use. They are sort of stackable but don’t click together, so they slide right off if you stack them.

The biggest drawback however is the price. I think they are the most expensive pigments I have ever bought. I would be a lot happier if they were 40-50% less…

Availability: Naked Cosmetics.

Pricing: For the set of 6 $59.99 or $14.99 each (they are .05 oz).

Have you tried anything from Naked Cosmetics?


Note: Naked Cosmetics is cruelty free.

Written by Kelly
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