Illamasqua Resist and Kontrol

Illamasqua Lipsticks come in a bevy of shades and since so many, if not all of them are now at Sephora, I wanted to pick up a couple more. I think I only had one until recently and that will just not do.

The two shades I picked up are intense mattes. One is a more wearable, yet still bright shade, and the other is definitely not as wearable but I couldn’t Kontrol myself when I saw it… 😉

Illamasqua Resist and Kontrol 2
Kontrol, Resist

Illamasqua Resist and Kontrol Swatches
Resist, Kontrol

Resist is a medium cool-toned berry shade. It’s bright, pigmented and a really nice shade.

Kontrol is a deep lavender purple shade. Crazy color! I LOVE it but just cannot pull it off on a normal day. My alter-ego (which is a cross between a Victorian-era vampire, a modern Goth, and a post-apocalyptic warrior like Alice from Resident Evil) is all over it though!

Illamasqua Resist Swatch

Wearing Illamasqua Resist

Illamasqua Kontrol Swatch

Wearing Illamasqua Kontrol

Overall: Both of these are mattes and therefore they are on the drier side. For me to wear them comfortably for a long period of time I definitely have to use a lip balm underneath or they feel too tight and dry. I do love how incredibly pigmented they are!

Availability: Sephora.

Pricing: $24.00.

Do you own any Illamasqua Lipsticks? Would you wear either of these shades?


Note: Illamasqua is cruelty free.

Written by Kelly
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