Duri Winter 2013 Collection

Duri’s winter 2013 collection features six new shades in various finishes. Some are more run of the mill, a couple are more unique.

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Duri Winter 2013 Collection 2

Duri Pure Vanilla
Pure Vanilla

Pure Vanilla is not vanilla at all, but rather a pale, milky pink creme. This polish is thick and definitely on the streaky side, but it does wind up fairly even after three thin coats.

Duri Kinky Pleasures
Kinky Pleasures

Kinky Pleasures is a vivid blue with blue shimmer. This is an amazing blue color. Mesmerizing. The formula is really buttery and fantastic. Really easy to work with and totally covered in two coats.

Duri Indulge My Whim
Indulge My Whim

Indulge My Whim is a green and gold and holographic glitter in a clear base. The glitter pieces are straight and short. I used two coats here and got pretty decent coverage but it looks better layered (below).

Duri Winter 2013 Collection 3

Duir Laters Baby
Laters Baby

Laters Baby is a blood red creme. This isn’t really anything that interesting, but it’s a nice shiny red nonetheless. Great formula, I only needed two coats and it was smooth sailing.

Duir Provocatively Innocent
Provocatively Innocent

Provocatively Innocent is a deep red creme. Another one that isn’t unique but still nice. I used two coats for complete coverage.

Duri Absolute Intimacy
Absolute Intimacy

Absolute Intimacy is a vampy purple creme. I totally love this one. For some reason even though it’s not unique, I am really drawn to it. I think I like it because while it’s uber-dark, it doesn’t look black. It has that hint of purple still. And it’s very shiny and had a great formula, covering in just two coats!

Duri Indulge My Whim over Absolute Intimacy
Indulge My Whim over Absolute Intimacy

Duri Winter 2013 Collage

Overall: My favorite shades here were Kinky Pleasure and Absolute Intimacy. I do think Indulge My Whim is a pretty good and interesting glitter, if you are a glitter person. Duri has some really, really amazing shades that I have reviewed in the past and generally their formula is spot-on. Check my gallery under “Duri” for more ideas!

Availability: Duri.

Pricing: $6.00.

What do you think about this collection? Have you tried Duri yet?


Note: Duri is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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