Color Club Port Folio Bottle

The year is not yet over but here I go choosing my favorite nail polish of 2012. There are a couple reasons for my early decision.

One is that since I did this, I cut all my nails down to super nubs knowing I wouldn’t be able to swatch for a bit. Then on top of the super nubs, my ring finger nail decided to break so it’s now a super, super nub. Nothing annoys me more than uneven nails, so I am still waiting for it to grow out to swatch other collections I am waiting on. I took these photos back in August. 🙂

But the second reason is that I honestly don’t think there will be another shade released this year that I love as much as Color Club Port-Folio.

Color Club Port Folio Bottle 2

Color Club Port Folio Bottle 3

Color Club Port Folio Bottle 4

Something about this multi-chrome grabbed my heart. The second I got it in the mail I swatched it and immediately was in love. I think this might be the only nail polish I ever immediately swatched and wore for a few days upon receiving it. I was so mesmerized with it I didn’t even swatch the rest of the collection! I mean I couldn’t stop staring at it. I nearly applied it again after removing it when it started chipping. That never happens.

Not only is this shade intensely multichromatic but the formula is so excellent as well. Creamy, smooth and totally opaque in practically one coat, but I used two. It’s a teeny, tiny bit streaky if you aren’t careful, but so not a big deal.

So I took 10 billion photos of it indoors with flash, indoors without flash, outdoors in the sun, and outdoors in the shade. With every movement of my hand it turned various shades of green, purple, gold, grey and blue.

Color Club Port Folio 10

Color Club Port Folio 4

Color Club Port Folio 5

Color Club Port Folio 2

Color Club Port Folio

Color Club Port Folio 3

Color Club Port Folio 6

Color Club Port Folio 7

Color Club Port Folio 8

Color Club Port Folio 9

And now you know why I chose it as the best nail shade of 2012!


Note: Color Club is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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