Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow  10

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow is something I hadn’t heard of until I was looking to spend money with my VIB discount recently.

I am always looking for the latest and greatest eyebrow product to somehow make my brows look completely perfect, even, arched and amazing. Sadly this never happens because I have one good arched brow and one more straight that somehow REFUSES to arch. Oh and of course the good one is the one hidden under my bangs 99.9% of the time. My life, sigh.

Aqua Brow comes in three shades on the Sephora website: 10 (Light Blonde), 15 (Blonde) and 25 (Ash). So what is this stuff? It’s a gel-based, smudge-proof brow color that comes in a tube. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I was really hesitant to purchase any.

Aqua Brow 10 with Benefit Hard Angle/Definer Brush

I was totally unsure as to what shade might work for me judging just from the website photos. I like my brows cool-toned with NO warmth in them at all. But I don’t like them pale, I like them medium/dark and ashy, even with super pale blonde hair. So after maybe 30 minutes of going back and forth between the three shades, I settled on the lightest which is 10. I chose this one because the one described as Light Blonde (15) seemed really warm from the photo and I figured 25 would probably be too dark considering it was the darkest one.

Aqua Brow 10 (unblended)

All you need is just a tiny little squeeze per brow. It goes quite a long way.

Aqua Brow 10 (blended)

The shade 10 is actually a pretty good one for me. It’s very cool-toned and ashy. Not too light or dark.

I just dip my Benefit brush into that small amount and slowly fill in my brows, working in small short dashes. I like this brush because A. the angle is perfect for brows, B. It’s not too soft or too hard and C. The handle is a nice length for easy control.

This is what the shade looks like on me. Forgive the bad shape of my brows, they haven’t been touched in a couple months now and I am due!

Overall: I found this stuff to be way more user friendly than I anticipated. I assumed I would have to be a complete master of eyebrows to apply it and get anything halfway decent looking. But it’s actually as easy to use as a powder and dare I say even easier? Sometimes with a powder I get too heavy handed and I have to wipe some off because it looks SO drawn in. This actually worked really perfectly and it does not smudge, budge or fade the entire day. Even if you accidentally wipe your brow or scratch your brows it’s not easy to wipe off. That’s a good thing for someone sort of absent-minded like myself who has been known to wipe off the tail-end of her brow makeup…

Availability: Sephora and the Benefit brush I use is also at Sephora.

Pricing: $20.00 for 0.23 oz and $20.00 for the Benefit brush.

What do you think about using Aqua Brow on your brows? Do you prefer power, pencil or a liquid product?


Note: Make Up For Ever is not cruelty free (they sell in China).

Written by Kelly
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