Ozotic Sugar Bottle 3

Picture Polish has some new Ozotic shades out called “Sugar” finishes. Basically these are super shimmery, multi-chrome top coats that are meant to look like iced sugar atop your nails. And they kind of do!

These come in four shades right now which are 901 (pink), 902 (purple), 903 (light blue) and 904 (yellow).

Ozotic Sugar 903 Bottle

Ozotic Sugar 903 Bottle 2

Ozotic Sugar 903 Bottle 4

Ozotic 903

903 is a pale light blue with pink/purple shimmer. By itself it is obviously quite sheer because it’s meant to be layered over another color. The color flashes are pretty strong, and it actually does remind me of iced sugar. Such a pretty and delicate shade.

Ozotic 903 over Zoya Kristen
903 over Zoya Kristen

Here you can see just how shimmery and pretty it is over the pale grey/blue Zoya Kristen (creme).

Ozotic 903 2
903 over Zoya Kristen

Here she is in low lighting so you can see the pink. Trust me, it looks WAY better in person.

Overall: A very pretty shade, definitely one that I would not be able to pass up. Iridescent, multi-chrome and so sparkly. Plus it would look great over a zillion nail shades you probably already own!

Availability: Picture Polish.

Pricing: AU$12.

Stay tuned the next couple weeks for more yummy new Picture Polish Ozotic’s and glitters!


Note: Picture Polish is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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