MAC Taste Temptation

Taste Temptation is the latest MAC collection to come our way this season. This is a collection that had me a bit excited because of all the cool-toned shades!

It’s not a huge collection rather just a couple shades in each category. If you like blues and purples, you might like some of the items here.

MAC Mattene Lipstick Nocturnal Instincts and Seductive Intent
Mattene Lipstick in Seductive Intent, Nocturnal Instincts

MAC Lipglass Perky and Revenge Is Sweet
Lipglass in Perky, Revenge Is Sweet

MAC Taste Temptation Mattene Lipstick and Lipglass Swatches
Nocturnal Instincts, Seductive Intent, Perky, Revenge Is Sweet

Nocturnal Instincts is a greyish lavender, but it’s actually fairly wearable. Not so strange as it sounds.

Seductive Instincts is a bright pinkish purple. Very pretty shade, love this one.

Perky is a pale lilac with multi-colored shimmer, I thought it was going to be frosty at first but it’s not. I like it!

Revenge Is Sweet is a bright purple but on my lips it looks more like a just slightly shimmery pink. My lips are fairly pigmented pink so the purple doesn’t show as much.

MAC Nocturnal Instincts
Nocturnal Instincts

MAC Seductive Intent
Seductive Intent

MAC Perky

MAC Revenge Is Sweet
Revenge Is Sweet

MAC Nail Lacquer For Fun and Blue Gaze
Blue Gaze, For Fun

MAC Blue Gaze
Blue Gaze

Blue Gaze is a deep yet bright blurple creme. This is a seriously gorgeous shade and I am SHOCKED to say, the formula was really good! It was creamy, smooth and opaque with no streaks in just two coats. If only they could make all their creme lacquers this nice.

MAC For Fun
For Fun

For Fun is a medium purple creme. Nice enough shade, but it didn’t wow me like Blue Gaze did. The formula was a little on the sheer side so I used three coats. Definitely not as good a formula as Blue Gaze, but better than many of their other cremes.

MAC Powder Blush Unconventional and Passionately Tempted
Unconventional, Passionately Tempted

MAC Unconventional and Passionately Tempted Swatches
Unconventional, Passionately Tempted

Unconventional is a pale slightly shimmery lilac/pink shade. Decent pigmentation, but very cool-toned.

Passionately Tempted is a bright medium satiny magenta shade. Very pigmented and a little goes a long way!

MAC Taste Temptation Eye Shadow
Taste Temptation Eye Shadow X 4

MAC Taste Temptation Eye Shadow Swatches
Look At The Eyes, Stay Sultry, Carbon, Naval (over primer)

Look At The Eyes is a very pale lilac frost.

Stay Sultry is a dark purple/navy veluxe pearl.

Carbon is a black matte.

Naval is a dark navy blue matte.

Ok none of these eye shadows had good pigmentation at all. They all just seemed cheap and chalky, especially the mattes. I don’t know what the deal is with these palettes lately, but this one is a no-go for me.

Overall: There were some things here I think were quality and some not so much. The Mattene Lipsticks and Lipglasses are really nice. I love Blue Gaze Nail Lacquer as well. The Powder Blushes are nicely pigmented but I would say definitely skip the Eye Shadow quad!

Availability: Online December 6th in stores December 13th at MAC.

Pricing: Mattene Lipstick ($15), Lipglass ($15), Powder Blush ($20), Nail Lacquer ($16), Eye Shadow X 4 ($40).

What grabs your interest here?


Note: MAC is not cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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