MAC Glamour Daze for holiday 2012 includes four new nail lacquers. Three of the four are kind of sweet, feminine shades. And the other is the only absolute must have. For me anyway…

The formula went from horrible to pretty good. The more MAC lacquer I swatch the more I realize just how bad the creme formula is from them. Their cremes are nearly always thick, sticky and streaky. But the foils and shimmers tend to be SO much better! Not sure how this happens and why they can’t fix it, but I really think they need to start figuring it out. Especially if they are going to keep raising the prices…More on that below.

MAC Endless Night
Endless Night

Endless Night is a pale shimmery greyish pink with iridescent pink shimmer. This one is extremely sheer, and even after three coats you can see my nail line. It’s also a bit streaky. Nothing really very interesting I don’t think.

MAC In The Limelight
In The Limelight

In The Limelight is a really pretty pale mint green creme. Well ok, it’s pretty in the bottle but not so much on me. And the formula was…TERRIBLE. Super thick, very streaky and sticky, and I needed three coats to cover my nails.

MAC Girl Trouble
Girl Trouble

Girl Trouble is a pink foil. This one has a really great formula. Applied evenly and smoothly and I only needed two coats. I don’t love the shade really, but it’s a good polish overall.

MAC Everything That Glitters
Everything That Glitters

Everything That Glitters is a black with multi-colored micro-glitter. This is the only one I feel is really interesting and had a good formula. I love how dark black the base is (I only needed two coats) and I love all the sparkly glitter, which is mostly pink, blue and gold.

Overall: As mentioned, I think Everything That Glitters is by far the best one, but Girl Trouble is also good. I would skip the other two because of the formula.

So have you noticed how with nearly every collection it seems like they’re raising the prices of their nail lacquer? I remember when they were $9.00!! Honestly I don’t think most of them are worth the price they are charging now. These are $17.50 and only 0.34 oz. I *think* they may be slightly higher because it’s a limited edition holiday collection, but they have still gone up a lot in recent years. You can get some amazing polish for that price (or MUCH less) with MORE in the bottle. For the most part I don’t think they are coming up with enough ground-breaking shades to justify the pricing now. And they certainly don’t have a perfect formula with some of the finishes. I think they should still be in the $8-9 range for what you get.

Availability: MAC.

Pricing: $17.50 for 0.34 oz.

What do you think about these shades and the pricing?


Note: MAC is not cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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