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MAC Taste Temptation Swatches, Photos & Review

MAC Taste Temptation

Taste Temptation is the latest MAC collection to come our way this season. This is a collection that had me a bit excited because of all the cool-toned shades!

It’s not a huge collection rather just a couple shades in each category. If you like blues and purples, you might like some of the items here.

MAC Mattene Lipstick Nocturnal Instincts and Seductive Intent
Mattene Lipstick in Seductive Intent, Nocturnal Instincts

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Creeper Cat

Chewbacca is trying to summon me to feed him by staring with those amber eyes…

Question of the Week

It’s Friday yet again!

It’s a rainy and blustery one here in the Bay Area and supposed to be pretty stormy all weekend. I don’t mind it actually, I kinda like storms on occasion! It gives me a chance to bust out my rain boots. :)

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Dermelect All The Envy From the Resort 2013 Collection Swatches & Review

Dermelect All The Envy Nail Color

Dermelect’s Resort 2013 Collection is now out and it includes three new shades: Lust Struck (opaque coral creme), Moon Kissed (shimmery off-white) and the shade I have, All The Envy.

All The Envy is one of those love or hate shades. Take a wild guess which side I fall on. 😉

Dermelect All The Envy
All The Envy

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Rescue Beauty Lounge BIB4 Suggestions!

Hey there!

Ok so going on right now is the Rescue Beauty Lounge Bring It Back 4 promotion. Basically they brought back 6 popular shades for a limited time. I definitely got in on this because the second I saw swatches of Aqua Lily part of me DIED because I didn’t own it. And now I do!

The formula for all three of these is really good. At first they all seemed super sheer with one coat and I assumed they would be three-coaters. But after two coats for each one they were pretty much perfect.

Hopefully these swatches will help make or break your decision to swipe up one or two of these beauties.

Insouciant, Aqua Lily, Piu Mosso

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