Tarte The Big Thrill

Tarte has a new limited edition holiday set out exclusively at Ulta now called The Big Thrill. And big it is!

This purple and gold printed box contains sixteen full-sized eye shadows, a bronzer, three blushes and three full-sized lip glosses. Pop the top and you get a good sized mirror and the eye shadows. Open drawer one and you get the bronzer and blushes. Drawer two opens to reveal the lip glosses. A bit big and bulky perhaps, but pretty nonetheless.

Tarte The Big Thrill 2

Tarte The Big Thrill 3

Tarte The Big Thrill 7

Tarte The Big Thrill 4

Tarte The Big Thrill 5

Tarte The Big Thrill 6

In general the texture of these eye shadows is really nice. They feel mostly very soft to the touch and have great pigmentation. There are a few exceptions, which are the glittery ones. They are just slightly more gritty and not as smooth as the shimmery or matte ones.

Tarte The Big Thrill Eyeshadow Swatches
Shooting Star, Giant Peach, Totally Taupe, Brilliant Bronze (over primer)

Shooting Star is a champagne/white shimmer.

Giant Peach is a pale peach with micro-glitter.

Totally Taupe is a pale taupe/pink with micro-glitter.

Brilliant Bronze is a medium shimmery bronze. Great pigmentation!

Tarte The Big Thrill Eyeshadow Swatches 2
Cloud 9, Pop Of Pink, Amazed By Amethyst, Pumped About Purple (over primer)

Cloud 9 is a very pale flesh-toned matte which barely showed up on my hand.

Pop Of Pink is a pink/white shimmer.

Amazed By Amethyst is a deep amethyst purple shimmer. Very nice pigmentation and texture.

Pumped About Purple is a deep somewhat murky purple with slight sheen.

Tarte The Big Thrill Eyeshadow Swatches 3
Silver Burst, Next Level Lilac, Intergalactic Metallic, Jump For Juniper (over primer)

Silver Burst is a bright white/silver shimmer. Intense!

Next Level Lilac is a grey/lilac with slight sheen. Kind of an unusual shade.

Intergalactic Metallic is a smoky grey shimmer. Great pigmentation.

Jump For Juniper is a deep intense teal matte. Another one with good pigmentation.

Tarte The Big Thrill Eyeshadow Swatches 4
Clay Crush, Rush Of Gold, Go For The Green, Exquisite Emerald (over primer)

Clay Crush is a pale vanilla matte.

Rush Of Gold is a medium warm gold with micro-glitter.

Go For The Green is a shimmery vivid medium green with hint of yellow. Love this shade!

Exquisite Emerald is a soft and pigmented duochrome that changes from purple/blue/brown/green. So pretty!

Tarte The Big Thrill 8

Tarte The Big Thrill 9

Tarte The Big Thrill Bronzer and Blush Swatches
Park Ave Princess, Angelic, Thrilled, Curious

Park Ave Princess is a medium shimmery bronzer.

Angelic is a very pale yellow/gold blush (?). I would use this as a highlighter.

Thrilled is a flamingo pink shimmery blush.

Curious is a peachy/pink blush with slight sheen.

Really nice pigmentation and texture with all four of these shades.

Tarte The Big Thrill 10

Tarte The Big Thrill 11

Tarte The Big Thrill Lip Swatches
Strawberry Sensation, Apple-A-Day, Abra-Cad-Apricot

Strawberry Sensation is a pink/strawberry shade with slight shimmer.

Apple-A-Day is a bright pink with glittery bits.

Abra-Cad-Apricot is a medium apricot/peach shade, no shimmer.

Tarte The Big Thrill 12

Tarte The Big Thrill 13

And things wouldn’t be complete without a handy-dandy user guide showing you how to get a few different looks with the set!

Overall: I think this makes a really great gift for someone who doesn’t have a lot of makeup or wants a wide variety of eye shadow shades in one palette. It’s great that the shadows and lip glosses are full sized, but the negative is you can’t easily take the shadows or blushes with you!

Availability: Exclusive to Ulta.

Pricing: $48.00 (a $435.00 retail value).

What do you think about this kit? Would you or someone you know love this?


Note: Tarte is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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