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Illamasqua Nail Varnish Sephora Exclusives: Cameo & Noble Swatches & Review

Illamasqua Cameo  Noble Nail Varnish

If you saw my dot mani the other day then you have already seen the two new Illamasqua Nail Varnishes, which are exclusive to Sephora. They are called Cameo and Noble and let me tell you, you need them!

Both of these shades are blue cremes. Not only are the formulas excellent, as Illamasqua nearly always is, but the shades are just so darn pretty. Especially if you are a periwinke and/or robin’s egg blue fan, which I definitely am!

Illamasqua Cameo  Noble Nail Varnish 2
Cameo, Noble

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Weekly Macro Vol. 36

Pumpkin Nail Enamel.

The Lipstick League Weekend Posts

Congratulations to Clumps of Mascara, Vampy Varnish and Nouveau Cheap for being featured on the new Wet n Wild Cosmetics “Beauty Ambassador Favorites” display, coming soon to a Walgreens near you! (Click the links above for pics of the display.)

Question of the Week: – Can you remember your first lipstick love?

Answer: I don’t know what brand it was, but it was some cheap bright red fat pencil from the drugstore. I only wore red lipstick for many years as a teen.

Beauty Junkies Unite – I’m pretty sure you’ll like this set of mini Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes in tarte’s new ‘Fantastic Foursome’ Blush Enthusiast Set for the holidays as much as I do!

Clumps of Mascara – is battling stretch marks with her growing baby bump. Is it a waste of time or will these products actually help combat them?

Lipglossiping – is definitely feeling the pull when it comes to Illamasqua’s lipstick in Magnetism!

Gouldylox Reviews – Have you started planning your gift lists already? Check out these lust-worthy gift ideas and stock up before they are gone!

Nouveau Cheap – Do you remember the brand Styli-Style, famous for their long-wear eyeliners? Well they’re back and under new ownership with lots of fun new products, as well as some old favorites.

Pink Sith – Confesses her love for a blush from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

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Otherwise known as, Mr. VV’s worst nightmare. :)

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Illamasqua Cameo and Noble Gradient Dot Mani

Illamasqua Cameo and Noble are two new nail varnishes exclusive to Sephora.

I recently placed an order (Illamasqua only order!) and of course, these were high on my list.

Cameo is a periwinkle creme and Noble is a bright robin’s egg blue creme. I’ll be doing a full review and swatches soon, but for now I thought I would show you a fun mani I did with them.

These two shades on their own are some of my favorite kinds of shades to wear but together, they are even more awesomer! Yes I know that’s not technically a word. 😉

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