Target Manicure Essentials

You might not normally think of Target as a great place to stock up on all your manicure essentials, but they actually have a pretty good variety of products for your nails and hands. And they just keep getting better with time it seems!

From rich body cremes and lotions, to inexpensive nail polish removers, to really gorgeous jewel-toned nail shades, you can find it all and for a relatively small amount of money.

Apotheke Enriched Body Creme

Apotheke Enriched Body Creme 2

Apotheke: M is a line of products for the body and hands. One of their products is the Enriched Body Creme that comes in Blackcurrant Fig, Coconut Jasmine and Mandarin Guava. While it calls itself a body creme, I use it as a hand lotion. It’s thick, non-greasy and absorbs into the skin fast. The Mandarin Guava scent smells light and fruity. Very nice! And the pretty tubes they come in just help matters. 😉

Scent Bar Body Butter Cabana

Another great product for moisturizing hands is Scent Bar Shea-Intense Body Butter. This comes in four different scents including Forbidden (blackberry/pomegranate), Sunswept (citrus), Cabana (coconut/vanilla) and Blush (fruit/floral). Cabana smells like coconut and vanilla, which are two of my favorite scents. It feels really rich and creamy, and very moisturizing. It takes a little longer to work into skin than some lotions, so you won’t want to use it then immediately try and open a door (haha).

Up  Up Non Acetone Remover and Cotton Rounds

The Up & Up brand from Target is a very inexpensive line and they have a Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover. It’s only $0.97 for a 6 oz bottle, which is pretty good! If you are using anything glittery or hard to remove though, I would suggest using a remover with acetone, otherwise it can take forever to get off your nails.

Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

The Up & Up Exfoliating Cotton Rounds can be used for nail polish removal. One side has tiny bumps on it and the other side larger oval shapes. I have used these before many times for nail polish removal and found them to be much better than cotton-balls, which are usually very lint-y.  I found these work best with non-glittery polishes because they tend to stick to the glitter and get messy if you use them to remove it. Also you can use them for makeup removal, so two birds, one stone.

Pixi Nail Color
Pixi Nail Colour in Classy Cocoa, Amazing Amethyst, Evening Emerald

Pixi Nail Color 2
Pixi Nail Colour in Classy Cocoa, Amazing Amethyst, Evening Emerald

And now for the best part! Pixi has a new fall collection out featuring three really pretty shades with an excellent formula. The bottles are on the small side (0.25 oz) but they pack a really nice opaque punch. All three were just two coats.

Pixi Classy Cocoa
Classy Cocoa

Classy Cocoa is a really pretty medium brown/taupe shade with lots of gold and red shimmer. I’m a big fan of these kinds of shades, and this one is very cozy and soft looking to me.

Pixi Amazing Amethyst
Amazing Amethyst

Amazing Amethyst is a very bright purple with pink and blue shimmer. It’s just a wee bit brush stroke-y so being careful with application will get your better results.

Pixi Evening Emerald
Evening Emerald

Evening Emerald is a deep emerald/teal green with green shimmer. It nearly looks blackened around the edges, but it’s not quite that dark. Very rich looking and great formula.

Availability: Target

Pricing: Apotheke:M Body Creme ($8.99 for 8 oz), Scent Bar Body Butter ($9.99 for 6.5 oz), Up & Up Nail Polish Remover ($0.97 for 6 oz), Up & Up Exfoliating Cotton Rounds ($3.79 for 100), Pixi Nail Colour ($8.00 for 0.25 oz).

What kind of manicure products do you usually pick up at Target? Have you tried Pixi Nail Color yet?


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Written by Kelly
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