Soon at a Walgreens near you (or maybe even right now) you will be seeing a cool new Wet n Wild display featuring some of the Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassadors, including moi!

This display features some of our favorite .99 cent items from the brand including a quote from each of us on why we like it. The pics featured here make up the display. I am working on getting on large photos of the whole thing as well.

The header photo features Emily from Beauty Broadcast (YouTube emilynoel83).


Shelf 1 features Celia of Makeup By Celly and Rebekkah of Everyday Makeup Blog.


Here I am on shelf 2 wearing Silk Finish Lipstick in shade 511B. And lookie who is next to me, Brittany from Clumps of Mascara!


Shelf 3 features Gianna from Nouveau Cheap.

Shelf 4

Shelf 4 features Brittany from Clumps again.


And the footer features Jacqueline from A Brilliant Brunette.

I’m super excited about this because I’ve been hanging onto the secret since early spring!

If you see the display, let me know!


Written by Kelly
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