8:00: Alarm goes off. Ponder if you should really get up or maybe sleep in since there’s no one to yell at you if you don’t.
8:05: After snuggling with giant fat cat for a few minutes, brush teeth.
8:06: Consider being one of those people who wakes up at 7:00 for exercise for work. Dismiss idea.
8:07: Ponder taking shower and getting dressed and actually feeling like a normal human OR staying in PJ’s until later.
8:07: After having decided to not shower yet, make coffee.
8:15: Log into the following: WordPress, Gmail, Twitter and Facebook.
9:15: Realize you have spent an hour on piddling around on social media and need to get crackin’!
9:20: The youngest, most needy cat (Chewbacca) begins his morning ritual of pestering until he gets the second part of his breakfast. Feed cats.
9:30: Now that he’s been fed, above cat begins his morning ritual of pestering until he gets to go in backyard for a few minutes.
9:30: Take all three cats outside, watch them eat grass so they can later barf on carpet.
9:31: Check Twitter again.
9:40: Ok NOW get to work!
9:41: Check Twitter again.
9:42: Start editing photos, uploading, writing, editing, scheduling posts for next 1-3 days.
9:47: Check Twitter again.
9:48: Continue editing photos, uploading, writing, editing, scheduling posts for next 1-3 days.
10:15: Start getting hungry realizing you have only had a cup of coffee.
10:16: Eat something smallish for breakfast.
10:17: Check Twitter again while eating.
10:25: Upload cute picture of Sammy to Instagram.
10:26: Check front door for packages.
10:27: Ok start working again.
10:31: Clean up cat barf.
11:00: Start feeling like a complete bum because you haven’t showered.
11:01: Check Twitter again.
11:02: Check Instagram and see “likes” and comments for Sammy pic.
11:03: Shower, dress, do hair. Ponder actually putting on makeup because duh, you ARE a beauty blogger. Dismiss idea.
11:35: Check front door for packages.
11:36: Check Twitter again.
11:36: Back to work, dammit!
12:00: Start getting super ravenous for lunch.
12:25: Decide eating is probably a good idea before it’s too late.
12:26: Check Twitter.
12:27: Eat at desk while checking Twitter, Facebook, Email, Instagram.
12:44: Check front door for packages.
12:45: Let cats out into yard again for few minutes.
12:55: Check Twitter.
12:56: Take product and swatch photos, edit, write, etc.
1:30: Sammy begins his mid-afternoon meltdown for more food. Give cats a few kernels each.
1:35: With cats sleeping peacefully, check Twitter.
1:36: Check front door for packages.
1:37-3:30: More work. Check Twitter at least 2-10 times in-between.
3:30: Start getting hungry for a mid-afternoon snack. Eat bag of nuts or more likely pretzels or something carb-y. Maybe string cheese.
3:37: Curse self for not waiting until dinner to eat.
4:00: Sammy begins his late-afternoon meltdown for dinner (served at 5:00).
4:01: Ignore cat, check Twitter.
4:02: Final push through late afternoon slump.
4:30-5:00: Quitting time (usually unless a hot item comes in I need to immediately photograph/swatch).
4:30-5:00: Consider being one of those people who works out after work. Dismiss idea.
5:00-9:00: Check front door for packages approx 5 times.
And fin.


Written by Kelly
Vampy Varnish is dedicated to showing high resolution makeup and nail polish swatches, and providing honest product reviews.