Cult Nails has a new(ish) limited edition collection out called Deceptive. Deceptive features five new color-shifting top coats.

These top coats are all kind of awesome because you can get so many different looks from just one bottle, depending on the base color. For simple purposes, I showed them all over Cult Nails Nevermore, which is an excellent jet black creme (not included in the set of five).

For all of these swatches I used just two coats of Nevermore and one coat of the top coat.

Cult Nails Doppleganger

Doppelganger is a multi-colored shimmer featuring mainly green, pink, blue and purple shimmer. Over a black you see a lot of green.

Cult Nails Alter Ego
Alter Ego

Alter Ego is an old gold/green top coat. Over a black it looks like a gorgeous olive green shade.

Cult Nails Two Timer
Two Timer

Two Timer creates a vivid emerald green shimmer.

Cult Nails Deception

Deception creates a really pretty purple and pink look.

Cult Nails Charlatan

Charlatan creates an AMAZING uber-shimmery purple/blue/pink look. This is my favorite one because it’s so sparkly.

Overall: Love these! I think top coats like this are really great because you can use them in more than just one way. The layering possibilities are endless, so you get more bang for your buck than just another regular shimmery shade. My favorites are Charlatan, Doppleganger and Alter Ego.

Availability: Cult Nails.

Pricing: $10.00 for 0.5 oz.

Have you tried any of these top coats yet? Which are your favorite ones?


Note: Cult Nails is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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