Deborah Lippmann Let s Go Crazy

Deborah Lippmann Let’s Go Crazy is a new glitter polish out this fall and is a Nordstrom exclusive.

Let’s Go Crazy is inspired by the Prince song of the same name, and what color always surrounds Prince? Purple of course! The glitter in this is multi-colored and multi-shaped.

Let’s check it out.

Deborah Lippmann Let s Go Crazy 2

Deborah Lippmann Let s Go Crazy 3

Deborah Lippmann Let s Go Crazy Swatch
Let’s Go Crazy

Let’s Go Crazy has a very dark purple base and lavender, red, green, fuchsia, blue and gold glitter in both hexagonal and round shapes.

The polish is pretty thick because of all the glitter and it does tend to get a bit chunky. I used two coats here. Pretty good coverage in terms of the base cover covering nicely. The glitter is a bit heavy though and it tends to sit below the polish instead of on top where you can see it better. It makes it looks a little murky to me.

Availability: Nordstrom exclusive.

Pricing: $18.00 for .50 oz.

What do you think about Let’s Go Crazy? Are you willing to part with your hard-earned bucks for this glitter?


Note: Deborah Lippmann is cruelty free.

Written by Kelly
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