Zoya Diva is new this fall and it features six new metallic shimmery shades.

This is just one part of their three new fall collections! The others are Designer which features six cremes, and Gloss which features three jellies.

These collections were inspired by New York Fashion Week and all the models and designers behind the event.

The formula is pretty outstanding with all of these. They are mostly all two coats and some nearly just one!

Zoya Elisa

Elisa is a super bright red metallic. This is like the quintessential apple red shade. It looks pretty but maybe average in the bottle but it really comes alive when you apply it. It glows, and it’s really quite gorgeous. Two coats.

Zoya Ray

Ray is a deep green metallic. I love this green because it’s not emerald or forest. It’s really deep and blackened around the edges. Not streaky and super rich looking. Two coats.

Zoya Suri

Suri is a royal purple metallic. This is a bright yet deep purple with pink and blue shimmer. Yes we’ve seen similar shades before, but they never get old for me. And the fact that it’s just two coats is even better.

Zoya Song

Song is a bright blue metallic with light blue shimmer. This sucker is so saturated it was almost just one coat. It’s such a rich jewel-like blue. Gorgeous and vivid.

Zoya Feifei

FeiFei is a blue metallic foil with heavy gold and other colored shimmer. Really hard to pinpoint what color this is exactly because it’s really unique. It’s almost duo-chrome-y also. This is more sheer and I did use three coats. I really like it, I definitely don’t have anything like it.


Zoya Dual

Daul is a pink/violet foil metallic with gold shimmer. Another really amazing shade! This was also sheer, but less so than FeiFei. I used two coats for this one and it had nice coverage. Love that gold shimmer!


Overall: I think there are some real stunners and must haves here. In fact there isn’t a single one I didn’t like or thought I wouldn’t want. I think my favorites are Elisa, Song, FeiFei and Daul, but I┬á like the others also.

Availability: Zoya starting mid-July.

Pricing: $8.00 for 0.5 oz.

Now that you’ve seen Diva what do you think about it? Are there any here you will be getting for sure?


Note: Zoya is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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