Buxom Stick Around Eye Primer

You know how we pretty much all use eye primers? The liquid kind that come in a tube? Well I recently discovered that not ALL eye primers have to come that way!

Introducing the Buxom Stick Around Eye Primer, which is a pencil! Yes indeed this waterproof eye pencil is in fact an eye primer, even though it may look like a concealer.

It’s infused with vitamins A, C and E, and it’s pretty soft and easy to glide around over your lid without pulling the skin. It goes on clear and dries pretty much instantly. You won’t get that patchy area you can get sometime with thicker liquid ones when you apply too much either. Been there, done that.

Buxom Stick Around Eye Primer 2
Stick Around Eye Primer

Buxom Stick Around Eye Primer 3
Stick Around Eye Primer

There is no need to sharpen this primer, as it comes in a twist-up style, so another bonus!

My experience with this was good and bad though.

First off, I do actually prefer a pencil like this over having to use a liquid with my finger, blending it, then waiting for it to dry. Not that Too Faced Shadow Insurance (my go-to eye primer) takes a long time to dry, but this is quicker. Another great thing about it is it won’t separate the way liquids can.

Now for the downside. It didn’t last on me as long as I would have hoped. I think I got about 6-8 hours of completely crease-free wear out of it. Normally the Too Faced and Urban Decay primers give me 10-14 hours of wear before any signs of creasing. So it didn’t work as well for me, but I still like it and would probably use it on days where I don’t need my eyeshadow to last ALL day for whatever reason. But keep in mind I have very oily crease-prone lids, so if yours aren’t like that, you might love this.

Overall: Love the pencil style, but didn’t last as long as I hoped.

Availability: Sephora exclusive.

Pricing: $20.00 for 0.08 oz.

Have you tried an eye primer pencil? Would you try something like this over a liquid?


Note: Buxom is cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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