Zoya Gaia and Bekka

Zoya Gaia and Bekka are two lacquers I have had for a really long time but just got around to trying out for the first time. I believe I got these a year or 18 months ago when I did my Zoya exchange. Dang time flies!

Zoya Gaia

Gaia is a milky white base with heavy gold/yellow shimmer. What attracted me to this was the shimmer. The polish itself is a little thick and streaky, which doesn’t surprise me considering the base is white. Even with three thin coats it doesn’t cover my nails completely, but I still really love it despite all the flaws because of that shimmer.

Zoya Bekka

Bekka is a bright yellow with yellow shimmer. This yellow borders on looking lime-ish, but not quite. It’s super vivid and looks decent with my skin tone for once. The formula, like Gaia, was a little thick and wee bit streaky. Whites and yellows usually are, sigh. But despite that, I like it! This was two coats, but I maybe could have done three to cover a little more nail line.

Availability: Zoya.

Pricing: $8.00 for 0.5 oz.

Do you own either of these?


Note: Zoya is cruelty free.

Written by Kelly
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