MAC Ruffian Gold

MAC Ruffian is a new collection from New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morias from Ruffian. The collection consists of three sets of ready-to-wear stick-on nails and coordinating lipsticks.

There are three sets in all and each contain 24 pre-glued stick-on nails in various sizes.

  • Spectator Nails – Cream weith black half moon, black french tip and black Ruffian insignia (creme)
  • Demoiselle Nails – Ruffian red with white half moon and black french tip (creme)
  • Demilune Nails – Matte black with chrome gold half moon (matte)
  • Ruffian Naked Lipstick – Pale peachy nude (matte)
  • Ruffian Gold Lipstick – Gold glitter metallic (frost)
  • Ruffian Red Lipstick – Classic rich blue red (matte)

I have to say, I am generally not a fan of any press or glue on style nails. They never seem to fit correctly and never, ever look remotely real. But let’s see if these are any different.

MAC Ruffian Gold 2
Demilune, Ruffian Gold Lipstick

MAC Ruffian Gold 3
Demilune, Ruffian Gold Lipstick

MAC Ruffian Gold Nails

Demilune is a matte back with chrome gold half moon. I admit the idea of this color combo and style is pretty cool. But the look on glue-on nails…maybe not so much.

The nails are extremely easy to apply actually, and there were many smaller sizes, which is great because I have small nails. They come pre-glued in the package, so all you have to do is figure out which size work for which nail and presto! Make sure your nails are free & clear of any and all polish beforehand so they stay on better.

MAC Ruffian Gold Nails 3

MAC Ruffian Gold Nails 2

They do stick pretty well actually. They claim to not leave any residue when you remove them but I definitely had some residue on a couple nails when I took them off.

I have some other complaints also. The black edges weren’t smooth, there were tiny jagged edges, which you definitely don’t want on your nails. Also, while they stuck to the nail well, they didn’t lay completely flat. So the gold edge was raised above my cuticle. Not cute.

Another small complaint I have, which is more of personal preference than anything else, is that they are WAY longer than I like my nails. No can do.

MAC Ruffian Gold Lipstick Swatch
Ruffian Gold

MAC Ruffian Gold Lipstick Lip Swatch
Ruffian Gold

Ruffian Gold Lipstick is a glittery, frosty gold. This isn’t really a color I would ever wear on its own, however it could add an extra oomph to a pink or coral matte or creme lipstick. I didn’t really think it was that special though in general on its own.

Overall: Honestly? I’m not very impressed. I didn’t think the nails looked at all realistic, and they didn’t lay flat or have smooth edges. The gold lipstick isn’t really anything amazing either. I haven’t see the Ruffian Red Lipstick in person, but that is the one thing out of this whole collection I would be interested in.

Availability: Now at MAC through July 16th.

Pricing: Manicure sets ($25), Lipstick ($14.50).

How do you feel about glue-on or press-on nails?


Note: MAC is not cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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