MAC Extended Play Lash

MAC Extended Play Lash is a new permanent mascara and utterly BADASS. And I’m not just saying that to hype it up, I really mean it.

Extended Play Lash does a multitude of things we all want our mascara to do: It curls, lifts, defines, volumizes and lengthens. It doesn’t clump, flake off either.

This is a super lightweight mascara that comes in one shade: Endlessly Black.

MAC Extended Play Lash 2

MAC Extended Play Lash 3

MAC Extended Play Lash Swatch
Endlessly Black

Before MAC Extended Play Lash
Before Extended Play Lash

After MAC Extended Play Lash
After Extended Play Lash

I didn’t curl my lashes with a curler or anything in the above photo. The mascara really worked so well with curling and lengthening especially. It’s pretty cool because no matter how much you apply, it really doesn’t clump at all. I tried getting it to clump and it didn’t. It’s a very light feeling mascara and the thin, narrow wand helps it stay evenly dispersed across your lashes and not get clumpy.

I wore it for a full day with no flaking off or issues whatsoever. It comes off with warm water and any cleanser (I used Cetaphil) easily.

Overall: Fabulous mascara, I really like it. This might be the least clumpy mascara I have ever tried, and I love that I don’t have to use a curler with it.

Availability: MAC, Nordstrom.

Pricing: $15.00 for 0.19 oz.


Note: MAC sells in China, therefore they are not cruelty free.

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Written by Kelly
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