Recently I have become obsessed with collages depicting certain colors. I figured I would start a new series of sorts showing some nail polish and/or other makeup swatches alongside some clothing and accessory items all in the same color family.

First up is blue!

All these items are totally my style, and it all started with me looking at my swatch of Finger Paints Winter Sky. I love that color so much!

Right now I am really into the whole colored skinny jeans thing even though I only own one pair of them (grass green from The Gap). But I want them in practically every color.

My normal day-to-day style is a pair of jeans, tennis shoes (Converse, Vans, etc.) and a t-shirt or plaid shirt. But I also wear and own a lot of boots. These deep blue leather boots with studs on them are fabulous, and I would definitely wear them!

I am a watch collector and aficionado, so these blue ones are on my “I wish” list!

I own a lot of jewelry (99% is cheap stuff) but don’t tend to wear earrings or necklaces much at the moment. I do usually throw on a cool giant ring and maybe a bunch of bracelets though.

Scarves are another favorite of mine. I have a zillion of them and can’t seem to stop buying them!

When it comes to bags I prefer something fairly light and big enough to hold my basics: wallet, sunglasses case, Canon Elph and smaller junk. The crossbody ones are great because then you are hands free!

Where to buy:

Royal Pain Sweatshirt
Cupcake Cult Tshirt
Fossil Watch
Toy Watch
Swarovski Ring
Linea Pelle Bracelet
Rebecca Minkoff Spiked Bracelet
Tiganello Bag
Cole Haan Bag

For even more blue nail polish ideas, check out my “Blue Gallery” page!

So let me know, do you like the idea of a series like this? What would you like to see added to it, if anything?


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Written by Kelly
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