Zoya Beach & Surf Comparisons

Last week when I posed swatches of the new Zoya Beach & Surf collections for summer, some of you asked in the comments how certain ones compared to other colors. So I decided to do a few comparisons for ya!

I’ve got Zoya Arizona pitted against Zoya Jancyn.

Zoya Carly against Zoya Valerie. I tried to also find Jem to compare, but for the life of me I cannot find my bottle of it!

Zoya Wednesday against Essie Turks & Caicos, Sephora by OPI Read My Palm and Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion.

Zoya Jancyn pinky & middle, Arizona ring & pointer

Zoya Jancyn pinky & middle, Arizona ring & pointer

Jancyn middle, Arizona pointer

In the bottle and on the finger at first glance these almost look the same. But actually Jancyn is a shade darker of orange than Arizona. Arizona seems to have more yellow in it. For my skin tone, Jancyn works better. Both are 2-3 coats depending on how thick.

Essie Turks & Caicos pinky, Zoya Wednesday ring, Sephora by OPI Read My Palm middle, Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion pointer

Essie Turks & Caicos pinky, Zoya Wednesday ring, Sephora by OPI Read My Palm middle, Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion pointer

Whilst swatching these I created a near perfect gradient without even knowing it! If only Sephora by OPI Read My Palm was more blue and less green it would be perfect. But back to the subject at hand, as it were.

The closest match to Wednesday here is obviously Essie Turks & Caicos, but it’s still not an exact match. Wednesday is a darker shade and more dusty. Also more opaque at just two coats rather than three for Turks & Caicos.

Sephora by OPI Read My Palm is pretty but definitely more of a mint green, and Ocean Love Potion isn’t even in the same realm really because it’s much darker and more blue.

Zoya Carly on pinky & middle, Valerie on ring & pointer

Zoya Carly on pinky & middle, Valerie on ring & pointer

Carly on middle, Valerie on pointer

So you can probably see these are pretty different.

Valerie is a much darker shade, and more of a royal purple. The shimmer is set further back into the polish, and it appears blackened around the edges. Carly is brighter and lighter, and has a lot of red and pink in it. It a little matte when it dries without a top coat. The shimmer is more up front and it appears more metallic to me.

So what’s the verdict? Well there aren’t any dupes here but some are close-ish depending on how exact you want it to look.  Arizona and Jancyn are fairly close so you might not want both. Essie Turks & Caicos is sorta similar to Wednesday, but I like Wednesday more because the shade is dusty, and the formula is more opaque.

What do we think?


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  • March 26, 2012

    Zoya Valerie is one of my all time favorite polishes… Seeing the comparison made we want Carly too though, because it is lighter and maybe nicer for the Summer but it still has that great finish!

  • March 26, 2012

    Hey Kelly, I was thinking Carly definitely looks like something that I already have! Would you say Jem or Yasmeen would also be kinda close?
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny´s last post…Swatch & Review: Dior Addict Extreme Takes You from Day to Night, from Girl Next Door to Femme Fatale in Incognito (316), Plaza (476), Lucky (536), Riviera (639)My Profile

  • March 26, 2012

    I agree that Ocean Love Potion doesn’t look a thing like Wednesday. But I think that Zoya Bevin and Ocean Love Potion are pretty similar.

  • March 26, 2012

    Valerie is soooo prettyyy

  • March 26, 2012

    I love that you can almost create a gradient with the blues. I really like Jancyn too, but Carly and Valerie are exactly my kinds of colors, purple and sparkly. Thanks for doing the comparisons.
    Alexis´s last post…Cinderella spring: Seven Days laterMy Profile

  • March 26, 2012

    Thanks so much for all of these swatches. I was curious about Valerie/Carly but now I know I need both :)

  • March 26, 2012

    Aw too bad your couldn’t find Jem, thats the one I have. This was really helpful though, I definitely still want Wednesday but now I think I like Jancyn better.

  • March 26, 2012

    What shape do you think is best for nails?
    I prefer a rounded soft look, not squared off – i’m old fashioned!

    • March 26, 2012

      It just depends on your finger shape and how you like them. I prefer a soft rounded square (squoval) usually. Not a fan of pointy nails!

  • March 26, 2012

    I love orange in summer :)
    Valerie is amazing too :)

  • March 26, 2012

    Thank you for the comparisons! I’m debating on Carly since I already own Valerie. Hmm, decisions, decisions!

  • March 26, 2012

    Thank you for the comparison post. I without a doubt need Arizona. Essie Turks & Caicos is one of my all time favorites, and I like Wednesday even more so I’ll need that as well. I love Carly but it’s so close to Valerie that I don’t know if I *need* both. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good Zoya promo :)

  • March 26, 2012

    Hooray, thank you for doing Jancyn and Arizona! Arizona’s so pretty, but I have Jancyn so no dice – they’re so close. These colours are making me seriously wish this stupid snowy rain would give it a rest :(

  • March 26, 2012

    I already have Turquoise & Caicos, but I still want Wednesday! I love shades like these.
    Chris´s last post…Review: Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil in Black OnyxMy Profile

  • March 26, 2012

    LOVE this comparison. Thanks. I am still a fan of Arizona. I want to see it against China Glaze Papaya Punch from last summer’s Island collection. I think they might be close.

  • March 26, 2012

    I love your comparison posts – they’re so helpful!

    You should wear the turquoise and the shimmery manicures out sometime. I think they look really fun.
    Swatch And Learn´s last post…KleanColor Chunky Holo Clover Swatches & Review (Layered Over China Glaze Gaga For Green)My Profile

  • March 26, 2012

    I already have Yasmeen (same color as Valerie and and Jem, but a different finish, and I love it. Rory was already one of the polishes from this collection that I wanted, but seeing the comparison between it and Valerie, it’s definitely going in my next order. I think I like it even better, and that’s a really high standard to surpass!

  • March 26, 2012

    Thank you so much for the comparison post! It was very helpful.
    The Lacquer Tracker´s last post…Claire’s Candy Shop – Photos and Giveaway!My Profile

  • March 27, 2012

    I’ve been looking at these on Scrangie too and they just do nothing for me. Very odd when not a single polish calls to me….

    But I’m sporting Glitter Gal Silver at the moment and that may be my Number One all-time polish so it’s hard to get past that perhaps….

  • March 27, 2012

    Only when comparing them side by side would I see they are different. I thoughts are, unless one is a collector of said color (say, orange) there wouldn’t be any need to have both of them. The Greens give the widest variety and personally, I would get the lightest and the darkest and be satisfied.

    I love polish comparisons! I’m glad you do them. :)
    Kimberly´s last post…Dress Me Up For The Hunger GamesMy Profile

  • March 27, 2012

    I’m a little late to this party, but I couldn’t help but think that I have something VERY similar to Carly…and it’s Cult Nails Enigmatic. From your swatches of both they seem nearly the same (and in fact you describe them the same way) but Carly looks a little more metallic. If you do any more comparisons, could you throw that one in there?

  • April 2, 2012

    lovely thanks! I think I do like Arizona a tad more :)

  • April 14, 2012

    So glad you compared Arizona. I needed that comparison :-)