Zoya Beach and Surf are the new summer collections for 2012, inspired by the sea and sand!

There are twelve new colors in all, six in each collection. Beach focuses on mostly creme colors and Surf is all about foils!

The formula for Beach overall was pretty good. There were some slight streaking issues with a couple, but they mostly worked out. All but one were two coats. The formula with the Surf colors was great. Creamy amazing foils. Applied like butter, and all just two coats.

Ready to get your bright pop of summer color on?



Shelby is a soft blue-toned pink creme. Not quite a Pepto Bismol pink, but softer. It went on a little bit uneven but mostly worked itself out. This was the only one I needed three coats of in either collection.


Lara is a bright “cerise” pink. Cerise is what Zoya used to describe it and was a color I had never heard of until I looked it up on Wikipedia. *The more you know* 😉 Anyway it’s bright and shiny and a pretty color for summer.


Reagan is a deeper cerise pink creme. Looks a bit like a raspberry pink in my eyes. Pretty color but for whatever reason berry pinks never impress me much.


Arizona is a vivid tangerine creme. It’s really bright and quite yellow. Maybe too yellow for my skin tone? This one was a bit streaky when I first applied it, but it pretty much evened out.


Wednesday is a green/blue teal creme. Is that redundant? It’s really quite a unique color compared to other teals I have. It has a dusty soft look to it and it’s really very pretty. My favorite one in Beach. Great formula! I kinda wish my name was Wednesday.


Tracie is a a “sea grass” or as I call it celadon green metallic. This is the only non-creme in this collection and it’s a welcome surprise! Love the green color but not so sure I love the slightly frosted finish. Still it’s pretty and not too streaky for a metallic.



Rory is a cool-toned pink foil. I see speckles of pink, blue and silver in it. Really pretty color, not that common of a pink, I don’t think. Look ma, I made a rhyme!


Zuza is a aqua blue foil. Mostly blue and silver speckles. Very pretty color, super creamy formula. I love this one. I think I might be starting to like blue more than green right now…


Meg is a medium green foil with green, and yellow speckles. Again, great formula and nice color. Not sure it’s my favorite green shade, but definitely summery.


Myrta is a deep and bright burnt orange foil. This is really pretty and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Very saturated, you could almost get away with just one coat.


Kimber is a bright pink/red foil with pink and gold speckles. It’s a really rich color, and I’m glad it’s not a red. It looks mostly pink with very slight red look in certain lighting.


Carly is a dark eggplant purple foil with heavy purple, pink and blue speckles. This looks very velvety and rich. Pretty!

Overall: Nice collections! From the Beach collection I really liked Wednesday, Arizona and Tracie the best. I feel like they are the most unique ones. Wednesday in particular is a must have for me. From the Surf collection my favorites are Rory, Zuza and Myrta. Again, I think they are the most interesting and unique shades.

Availability: For sale starting April 1st.

Pricing: $8.00 for .05 oz.

Now that you have seen Beach and Surf in all their glory, which ones are you all hot and bothered over?


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Written by Kelly
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